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By Mike Johnson on 2021-05-06 12:02:00

Last night's AEW Blood and Guts match last night was live, but the remainder of the show was pre-taped.  AEW chose to pre-tape the remainder of the show due to the logistics of setting up the two cages so it didn't eat into TV time.    AEW offered refunds to fans who came believing they were getting a complete live broadcast

The actual live crowd reactions from the building as they watched the first hour on the big screen were heard on the broadcast, similar to how AEW handled live reactions to the Stadium Stampede last year on PPV.

The Darby Allin bump last night was live as it happened.  That segment was not pre-taped. 

Ethan Page's crack about ho and Darby had a history but no one was watching was meant to be a shot at EVOLVE as he and then-EVOLVE management had issues when Page departed that now-defunct promotion.

Bully Ray commented on the usage of the Impact title last night:

Cody Rhodes was busted open hardway during his match with QT Marshall last night, opening up the same place near his eye that has been busted open hardway before.  It's a case of the same point being accidentally struck.  That blood was not planned.

We are told that several talents in the Blood and Guts match were also busted open hardway.  So, there was far more blood and guts in the bout than had been initially intended.

We are told there were no major injuries coming out of the match, but obviously lots of bumps and bruises:


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