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By Mike Johnson on 2021-05-06 09:30:00

Major League Wrestling has signed Luis Fernandez-Gil, who returned to his old role of Dario Cueto, Azteca Underground's El Jefe, has confirmed.  We are told the deal is a "long term deal" and that the character, who was not identified at the end of last night's MLW Fusion episode, is indeed Dario.

The post-credit scene that aired on last night's episode was filmed in secret last month in Los Angeles and only a select few people in the company, who were sworn to secret, were involved or even aware the segment was produced.

The promotion opted to not send screener copies of the episode out this week to media in order to keep the reveal secret until the show aired.  The promotion had been building to the reveal since the first hints of Azteca Underground, obviously an unofficial takeoff of Lucha Underground, started back in January 2020.

When reached via text yesterday evening, MLW head Court Bauer commented, “Just like with Vice, we delivered on the hype with tonight’s season finale. We started this mystery storyline last June dropping breadcrumbs on Pulp FUSION and almost a year later, fans got the satisfaction of the return of one of wrestling’s truly great villains." 

Originally seen over the four seasons of Lucha Underground on the El Rey Network, Dario Cueto was the owner and promoter of that promotion, opening a temple in Boyle Heights, CA and inviting fighters from all around the world.  At one point in LU storylines, which darted into the fantasy world, Cueto was shot to death as a cliffhanger for the end of season three.  In the fourth and final seaon, Dario's father Antonio Cueto took over as the promoter with Luis Fernandez-Gil playing the elder Cueto as well.  Cueto was later BROUGHT BACK TO LIFE during Ultima Lucha IV Part Two after Aerostar used a mystical medallion, playing it around the neck of Cueto's corpse, reviving him.    How much of any of that back story will be utilized by MLW remain to be seen, but there was at least one callback tonight on MLW with the traditional overhead drone camera shot of Boyle Heights before the scene.

Within the confines of MLW storylines, the mysterious Azteca Underground (revealed to be run by Cueto) acquired Salina de la Renta's Promociones Dorado, so Mil Muertes (another crossover from LU), LA Park, Hijo de LA Park, and LA Park Jr. are all part of Azteca Underground with the story being that de la Renta has gotten herself in dire straits with the organization due to her recent mistakes and failures.  

Last week, de la Renta was "kidnapped" and in what we are told was her character's swan song, was seen last night captured by Cueto.  During the segment, Cueto made a reference to the idea that he was building a new temple and that la Renta understood that sacrifices needed to be made. has confirmed that Salina de la Renta is officially done with the promotion as MLW opted to finish her up and she will not be returning going forward.  Last night's vignette was the final appearance of the character with the implication being that she was sacrificed, off camera, as part of Cueto's machinations. 

Going forward, Dario Cueto will be a regular part of MLW's new season, which will begin taping on 7/10 at the 2300 Arena in Philadelphia.    Given that there has been talk of a potential second MLW series being launched, it's possible that it could involve the Azteca Underground storyline and concept.

Tickets are now on sale for MLW's Philadelphia return at with MLW Champion Jacob Fatu, Ross & Marshall Von Erich, CONTRA Unit, Tom Lawlor, MLW National Openweight Champion Alex Hammerstone, Richard Holliday, Calvin Tankman, Azteca Underground, Myron Reed, Gino Medina and more advertised. 

The promotion has also announced dates for 9/11 in Dallas, Texas and 11/6 in Chicago, IL. 

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