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By Mike Johnson on 2021-05-01 10:00:00



Where is Mikey Whipwreck??

Whipwreck now lives in Pennsylvania but still trains and wrestles for The New York Wrestling Connection.  He also co-hosts a great podcast with Jerry Lynn.

I saw you mentioned the first half of the Brian Pillman Dark Side of the Ring documentary on Twitter.  Why wasn't Les Thatcher interviewed for it?  Why weren't you?

I have no idea.  I feel Les, Mark Madden and Liam O'Rourke all should have been interviewed for the piece.  While Brian is important to my own personal history when it comes to pro wrestling, I don't believe I would have had much to add unless they wanted to discuss his use of the Internet, specifically AOL, to add to the madness of his Loose Cannon persona - and they didn't go in that direction.  To me, the most important thing was that his children were represented and their story was told, which it appears is what happened in Part One and hopefully that will continue in Part Two.

I was watching The Rise And Fall Of WCW the other night, and I always wondered why Sting wasn't interviewed for this DVD. It was an awesome DVD, but it would have been much better if one of the pioneers of WCW was on it. What was the reason?

Contractually, Sting could not appear as he was signed with TNA during the time the DVD was produced.

Anything to the MLW-WWE rumor?

We are told by sources at WWE there is nothing to that and there are no current talks.  That doesn't mean there weren't conversations in the past, but currently, the WWE side denies it.

The 3 longest reigning WWF/WWF Champions in History are Bruno Sammartino, Bob Backlund, Hulk Hogan--in that order. I am trying to think of a wrestler or wrestlers who faced all 3 "eras" of those Champions for their belts. Backlund was an obvious transition from the Bruno to Hogan Eras. The only one I can think of is George The Animal Steele challenging all 3 men for the Championship. Can you think of anyone else?

I believe Steele is the only man who ever did so. In an interview I conducted with him in the PWInsider Elite section once, he discussed and compared all three in the ring as performers. 

Do you think fans booing Hulk Hogan at Wrestlemania will make WWE think twice about using him?

Absolutely not.

I saw you were in the A&E Biography for Steve Austin.  You did a great job, so I was wondering if you are in the other episodes coming up?  What other topics did you talk about that didn't make the film?  Why didn't you promote you were in the film?

I am not.  I was specifically approached by the production team handling the Austin doc.  I wish I could tell you what else we talked about, but we filmed for over five hours and it was done a year ago, so I couldn't even begin to tell you everything, but we covered every aspect of Austin's career, all his big Wrestlemania matches, how long it took WWE to catch up once the fans crowned him as their new guy after King of the Ring 1997, injuries and his overall legacy and importance to the entire wrestling world.  If they release a director's cut or a DVD with bonus scenes, it's possible there will be additional content from that interview used.  I did make a few mentions I would be appearing, but I'd rather let whatever the final product is speak for itself vs. talking it up too much.  I'd rather people be pleasantly surprised.

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