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By Dave Scherer on 2021-04-19 10:00:00

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After knocking out Asuka's front teeth and badly lacerating Natalya's lip, should there be concern about Shayna Baszler's stiff work as of late?  If you were currently in the women's tag division, would you think twice about stepping in the ring against the team of Shayna and Nia?

Accidents happen and Shayna doesn’t have a history of missed spots so I won’t kill her for it.  With that said, she definitely needs to be more cognizant of what she is doing out there.

Just like Ric Flair wearing red, isn't a live music entrance a spoiler for the match outcome?  All (or most of) the Wrestlemania live musical performances of wrestler entrances over the years tend to mean one thing - that person will lose the match. I'm thinking of Sasha Banks (Snoop Dogg), Ronda Rousey (Joan Jett), Big E (Wale), Triple H (Motorhead) and HBK (DX Band) - too many to list...

Rhea Ripley had her theme performed live at WrestleMania and one so I will go with no on this one.

In the space of two months, Shayna Baszler has kicked out one tooth and nearly kicked out another. Matt Riddle had a bloody mouth after he took a kick at WM. Isn't it about time that WWE (and others) start grandfathering in the need to wear mouthpieces in the ring? They like to market themselves as a combat sport - but every other combat sport makes their athletes wear mouthpieces. I can understand that they might have some pushback, but maybe exempt people who have been in the company a certain amount of time, or are a certain age. But don't the concussion suppression benefits outweigh the negatives?

If it were me, I would wear one, for sure.  But I also understand that with that thing in their mouth, it’s harder for wrestlers to emote, talk and play off of the crowd.  I wouldn’t make it a mandate but if anyone wanted to do it, I would be fine with that.

Why doesn't Vince do any media interviews?  You never see him being interviewed anywhere.  I see plenty of CEO's on places like CNBC and Bloomberg.  Why not Vince?

Basically, he doesn’t want to.  You can even tell on the conference calls that he isn’t enamored with answering questions.  Why that is, only he knows for sure.

Why was Edge and Reigns allowed to do the concairto? I thought chair shots to head were banned?

So did I but sometimes they let things go around WrestleMania season, especially when they trust the person performing the move.

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