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By Mike Johnson on 2021-04-15 22:00:00

Impact Wrestling on AXS this week opened with highlights of Jazz challenging Deonna Purrazzo for the Knockouts title at Hardcore Justice, seeing the end of Jazz's career.  We then see highlights of last week's six man tag team bout.

TJP vs. Josh Alexander

They faced off and locked up with Alexander backing TJP into the corner, breaking clean.  They went into a knucklehead with neither man gaining the advantage.  TJP took Alexander down and worked him over on the mat but Alexander bridged up to prevent himself from being pinned.  They returned to their feet, where Alexander locked on a side headlock and tackled TJP down after sending him into the ropes.  They had some nice back and forth wrestling on the mat.  They had some great sequences early on.

Alexander gained control and stomped TJP out of the ring.  He suplexed TJP back into the ring but TJP maneuvered him into an Octopus.  Alexander fought his way out and placed TJP on his shoulders for a forward-crashing Electric Chair.  Alexander went for the anklelock but TJP immediately grabbed the ropes.  Alexander stomped him in the corner, going after the ankle.  He tied up TJP's leg in the ropes, continuing the assault.  TJP was caught in a Gori Guerrero Especial.  TJP escaped and went for a springboard dropkick but TJP was caught in anklelock.  They continued to battle with TJP grabbing him in a triangle on the outside.  They crashed to the floor and they teased a double countout.

Alexander made it to the ring first.  He stomped TJP on the apron and lifted him for a DVDR.  Alexander climbed to the top with TJP on his shoulders.  TJP drilled him with a series of elbows.  He nailed a superplex and went for the Octopus but Alexander escaped and went for the anklelock.  TJP scrambled for the ropes.  

TJP went for the Detonation Kick but Alexander caught him and went for a powerbomb.  TJP snapped him down for a cross armbreaker.  Alexander rolled through and grabbed the anklelock.  TJP fought back and grabbed the cross armbreaker.  Alexander fought back and grabbed the anklelock.  TJP caught him in a leglace.  Alexander fought and really, really fought to make it to the ropes.  Alexander peppered him with forearms.    TJP caught him with a back suplex and went to the top.  He attempted the Mamba Splash but Alexander snapped him in the anklelock.  TJP fought back and nailed a palm strike.  He grabbed an armbar but Alexander pulled him up and nailed a powerbomb across his knees.  Alexander nailed Divine Intervention and scored the pin.

Your winner, Josh Alexander!

This was absolutely excellent all the way through.

Matt Striker and D'Lo Brown ran through the schedule for Wrestleweek on AXS TV and then Rebellion.

They aired a video reveal for the return of Taylor Wilde.

Crazy Steve (with Rosemary and Black Taurus) vs. Karl Anderson (with Doc Gallows)

Anderson attacked Steve at the bell and worked him over.  Steve surprised him  with a kick to the mid-section and a backslide for a two count.  Anderson backed out of the ring as they went to commercial.  When they returned, Anderson was back in control, sending him into the buckles.  Anderson worked him over with back elbows and forearms in the corner.  Anderson snapmared him over and cinched in a side chinlock.   Steve tried to fight his way out but Anderson maintained the control.

Steve fired back and wrenched Anderson's neck.  He nailed a running clothesline into the corner.  He drilled Anderson with another lariat and scored a two count.  He grabbed a crossface, which made Gallows get up on the apron.  Steve went for a monkey flip but Anderson avoided it.  Steve used a hanging head scissors over the top.  Gallows had words with Steve, allowing Anderson to snatch him with the spinebuster for the pin.

Your winner, Karl Anderson!

We went to Swinger's Palace with Ace Austin and Madman Fulton walked in, wanting to know the odds he walks out the X-Division Champion.  They weren't great.  Austin odds 3:16.  TJP showed up and began arguing.  Josh Alexander said that he doesn't need anyone to know the odds, because he was already told the odds by his friend.  Petey Williams showed up playing Maple Leaf Muscle and did a parody of the Scott Steiner math promo as everyone stood there agape.  Alexander said he likes he's odds and walked out.

Eddie Edwards and Willie Mack were in the ring for a promo.  Edwards said they know they aren't going to win every match and at Hardcore Justice, they lost the Hardcore War to Violent by Design.  Losses happen but that's not why they are out here right now.  Tommy Dreamer was attacked and laid out before their match at Hardcore Justice.  Violent by Design, they are out here to make things right and if Rich Swann wasn't at the press conference right now, he would be right now.  They don't want a rematch.  They want a fight.  He dared them to come out and take their beating like men.

Violent by Design came out on stage.  He said Tommy Dreamer being laid out in the back was beautiful and violent.  It was something he loved seeing.  He said that he approves of everything that happened that night, but he's not a liar.  He told them he was going to hurt them.  He told Eddie he was going to take his World title and he did.  He's telling the truth right now.  He and his boys had nothing to do with it.  Oh no, it was Raven, wasn't it?  Edwards said that was fine.  They didn't come out here for a debate.  They came for a fight.  Violent by Design surrounded them.  James Storm and Chris Harris hit the scene and everyone brawled.   They cleaned house and VBD ran off.  Storm said that when the numbers are in their favor, Violent by Design is all about fighting.  He challenged them to an eight-man tag at Rebellion.

Backstage, Deonna Purrazzo asked Susan if she was feeling like herself.  Susan wondered why he would ask that.  Scott D'Amore showed up and warned Deonna that under no circumstances would Deonna be allowed to come to the ring and ruin Jazz's retirement ceremony.  Deonna said she wasn't planning on it and walked the opposite direction, away from the ring.

They debuted Tenille Dashwood's new talk show, All About Me.  It was the Locker Room Talk set.  Kaleb with A K was the co-host.  The idea was the guests would ask Tenille questions about her.  Gia asked her about becoming the top contender for the Knockouts title.  Dashwood cut her off and began putting herself over, saying there was no way she wasn't going to win.  She said she started the women's revolution and now it's time.  She's never lost to Deonna.  She will succeed at Rebellion and it will be all about her.  Dashwood cut Gia off before she could ask any follow-up questions and Kaleb tossed her out.

Jazz and Jordynne Grace came to the ring for Jazz's Retirement Ceremony.

Jazz said that coming to Impact Wrestling, hoping she was going to have one more title run.  That didn't happen at Hardcore Justice.  Going into the match, she knew Deonna Purrazzo was going to give him a run for her money but she felt she had one more run.  She felt that fire that she had 15 years ago but Deonna, being the true champion that she is, Jazz now knows she is the present and future of women's wrestling.

When Grace called her to come in and tag with her, they knew they were going to come out victorious.  They scored a few wins and had those Knockouts Tag Team titles on their minds.  She thanked Grace for even considering Jazz as her tag team partner.  She told Grace her future is bright.  She thanked Grace and Impact Wrestling for welcoming her with open arms.  She never had the chance to work here throughout her 20+ years in the ring but the last few months, she had the chance to go out with a bang.

Jazz said that brings her here to discuss tonight.  Impact Wrestling Knockouts Tag Team Champions Fire N' Flayva coma out with Tasha Steelz feigning that she was crying.  Kiera said it was time.  Jazz couldn't beat them or Deonna, so it was time.  It's about time she goes to the retirement home with the rest of the oldies.  It's been a pleasure to be in the ring with such a "legend" mocking her.  Grace said they weren't invited and they talk too much.  Grace told them to shut up for once in their lives.  If they don't want to shut up, say what they want inside the ring.  They asked if they were being challenged and tried to walk out.  A referee came out and told them Scott D'Amore says they have a match now.

Knockouts Tag Team Champions Fire N' Flayva vs. Jazz & Jordynne Grace

They brawled around ringside.  Grace and Jazz double-teamed Steelz.  Jazz slammed her but Tasha slipped out and tagged out to Kiera.  Jazz drilled her with a series of jabs and a right.  Jazz ducked a kick and nailed a powerslam for the pin.

Your winners, Jordynne Grace & Jazz!

Jazz took the mic and said the champs were disrespectful.  As she was saying, what brings her here tonight is that it's time to fully say this is it.  She's announcing her retirement.  She wants to thanks all the fans over the years for their love and continuous support.  Without them, there would be no Female Fighting Phenom of the Baddest B****.  She just wants to say thank you.  The roster came out and banged on the apron.   She hugged Tommy Dreamer and called him her Godfather of wrestling.  She thanked Impact.

This was a really nice, classy segment.

Backstage, Scott D'Amore yelled at The Knockouts Tag Team Champions for getting involved.  He told them they'll defend the titles against Jazz and Grace at Rebellion.  Jazz told Scott she is a woman of her word and she's retired but that doesn't mean Jordynne can't fight for the titles and she has a partner in mind for Grace.

Pick Your Poison - Brian Myers vs. Jake Something

The idea is Matt Cardona and Brian Myers picked each others' opponents tonight.

Something was in control early on but Myers nailed the Roster Cut and scored the pin.

Your winner, Brian Myers.

Myers took the mic and said it's hard to see with his eye patch but it's harder to see in the dark.  The lights went out and Sami Callihan attacked Matt Cardona on the entrance ramp.

Sami Callihan vs. Matt Cardona

Callihan worked over Cardona on the floor and tossed him in the ring.  They rang the bell and Cardona nailed a lariat for a two count.  

Cardona was worked over for a long time.  Cardona nailed a forearm but was caught with a clothesline.  Cardona came off the ropes with a big dropkick off the ropes and nailed a lariat in the corner.  Cardona nailed the Broski Boot for a two count.  Cardona caught him with a boot to the back of the head and a lariat for another two count.

Cardona went for Radio Silence but was caught with a powerbomb.  Callihan went for the piledriver but Cardona hit a sunset flip.  Callihan niled a Backdrop driver for a two count.  Cardona nailed several forearms.  He caught Callihan going to the top and nailed a rana into the ring.  He went for the Rough Ryder but Callihan pulled the referee in the way.  He thumbed Cardona and caught him with a piledriver for the pin.

Your winner, Sami Callihan!

Callihan took the mic and said he took care of that piece of trash.  He called Trey Miguel to the ring.  Callihan told him he was so proud of what Trey did at Hardcore Justice.  He took the main event for himself.  Trey said he did the right thing.  He wasn't helping Sami last week.  He had an issue with XXXL.  Sami asked him if it felt good to let into his rage and give it to those who deserved it.  Callihan said that is true power when harnessed the following way.  He said that he and Trey both know it.  Sami mentoring him and teaching Trey will bring him to the next level as he teaches him to harness that rage.  Trey told him absolutely not and walked off.  Sami told him he should be.  He said that Trey wasn't even on the PPV, but because of Sami, Trey got to be on the PPV.  He revealed that he took out Tommy Dreamer to set the stage for Trey. He demanded Trey do whatr's right and offered a handshake but Trey attacked him.  Sami got the better of him and went to walk away but turned around and clotheslined Trey again.

Trey pulled himself up and called for Sami, who grabbed a chair and nailed him with it.  Callihan tossed it into the ring and it crashed down upon Trey.  He nailed an exploder suplex through the chair.  Callihan walked off.   Trey pulled himself up as Callihan pulled himself up.  

Impact Tag Team Champions FinJuice sent a promo from New Japan, saying they are happy to see The Good Brothers struggling since they left with the belts.  They said The Good Brothers talked about how well they were doing, but FinJuice proved they are doing better.

The final segment was the press conference for the Unification match at Rebellion.  Scott D'Amore and Impact Wrestling Champion Rich Swann represented Impact.  AEW President Tony Khan and Jerry Lynn represented AEW.  NO Kenny Omega or Don Callis, yes.  They went to media questions:

Swann was asked how he planned to overcome adversity fighting Kenny Omega and how he plans to come out on top.  Swann said he wasn't a stranger to adversity.  Omega is one of the best in the world and Swann has a chance to put himself in that same light.  It's going to be history.  

They then asked a question I legitimately submitted on behalf of PWInsider - "The legendary World title unification match between Bruno Sammartino and Lou Thesz never got past the talking stage, partially because of the grueling schedule the champion would have to endure. What strategies are in place to make sure Impact has access to the unified champion, especially if Kenny Omega ends up the champion - given the "issues" between AEW and Impact?  What message do you have for the more cynical fan who believes this match will come and go without a definitive winner and unified champion?"

Khan stated that he believed that Omega would win and he's one of the great wrestlers in the world.  He said that no matter who wins, they will accommodate the schedule of AEW Dynamite and Impact.  Khan said that they've already agreed that if Swann wins, he's going to be at Dynamite.  If Omega wins, he's going to have Kenny here and he wants his champion to go out and conquer other championships.  Scott D'Amore said that the thing about 2021 is that we've seen that is great is promoters who are visionaries.  He said Tony is great at promoting and hyping things but he's a visionary.  Like Impact, Tony is about fans first and talent first.  The agreements have been made and the winner will handle both schedules.  That's a testament to everyone involved on both the AEW and Impact sides of things.

Scott said that as far as people who are skeptical that there's going to be a winner, he can tell everyone that AEW and Impact are "all about making sure there is a winner."  Khan said he will be at the PPV with an AEW referee.  He said there's never been an AEW show that ended with a non-finish in terms of a winner being decided and he can promise that with AEW being involved, sanctioning the match.  Scott said what more can we asked for.

They were about to continue when AEW Champion Kenny Omega and Don Callis showed up, to theme music, and joined the gathering.   Callis was asked how long he was going to continue to play two sides against the other.  The reporter from the Daily Telegraph said that what Don has been pulling would make Don King blush.  Callis took offense and said that the entire time Rich Swann was out with a broken leg, he called him daily to help keep his spirits up.   Swann also knows that Omega is his family.  He promoted himself as the reason this match is happening.  He said that Omega was the greatest living athlete in the history of professional wrestling and introduced Omega.

Omega said none of this was new to him.  He's done this so many times before, talking about why it's important to win a big match and why he's better than his opponent.  It's just another day.  He's a legend and he takes what he does seriously.  He told Swann that he's never been here before or shoulder this type of responsibility before.  He said Swann was wearing a suit from the Target clearance bin.  Swann stood up.  Omega said he was put on this earth to make a change.  Swann is here because he loves wrestling and he's going to try his little heart out every time he steps into the ring.  Omega said he can respect that but now that they are all here at the press conference, Omega can say with a certain amount of confidence that Swann doesn't belong here and is just a means to an end.  When people look back at this match that unifies championships and open the Forbidden Door, he can't say that anyone is going to care or remember Rich.  He hopes Swann brings his A-Game, because he's taking part in history.  He said this will be the last time he's going to be cordial with Swann and to the victor go the spoils.  They faced off.  Omega slapped him.  Swann went after him and security pulled them apart screaming.

That's the show!

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