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By Dave Scherer on 2021-04-14 10:00:00

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Just got Peacock to watch WWE network. I noticed the 24 hour “live stream” is not there. Is this permanently gone, only to be activated when there’s a live event? Or will the round the clock channel eventually be restored?

It is something that will supposedly be added in the future.  I don't understand why they just don't make the existing WWE channel the live stream.  It seems like a no brainer to me.

As bad as “the cock” has been so far. Are to expect they can handle a million plus live steaming at once, when they had never had more than like, maybe 100k for live us soccer?

I am typing this on Saturday so if it changes I will update it.  I don't see them having an issue.  They are owned by a TV/Internet company.  Comcast knows how to deliver digital content.  I don't expect any issues.  I didn't have any with either night of NXT, but granted less people watched that.  And as I update this Monday morning, Peacock performed really well, as I thought it would.

I  have a questions about bad booking after reading a recent Q&A.  I know you feel Tony Khan’s booking of AEW is similarly bad to Vince and WWE.  I disagree somewhat because I can watch Dynamite.  I lost my tolerance for main roster WWE several years ago.  That said I’m curious, why do you think wrestling promoters (specifically the big two at any given time) struggle so badly to put on a good, logical show?  Is it a stuck in their ways and following pro wrestling tropes issue?  Or do they actually believe some of this crap is good?

I am glad you enjoy Khan's booking.  I have heard from people that said that loved the show finally say enough after The Young Bucks turned for the millionth time.  But whatever the case, you like what you like.  Why is the booking bad?  Well, Vince and Tony Khan think what they are doing is great so it's just a difference of opinion I guess.  They struggle to put on a logical show because they ignore logic when they are writing the show.

If WWE has thought so highly of Titus O'Neill all these years, enough to make him a Hall of Famer, why did his in-ring career as a singles wrestler never receive a significant push?  He hasn't been anywhere near any title picture of significance since his run with Darren Young, and the in-ring highlight of his career could very well be his slide under the ring at the Greatest Royal Rumble.  Which is unfortunate since I always thought he had the look, size, and charisma that WWE desires in their champions.

Easy, they see him as being the great person that he is.  They don't see him as being a great in-ring wrestler.  Sadly, that happens to a lot of talents.  It doesn't even matter is someone IS good in the ring and as a character, if they don't pop the booker, they don't get pushed.

At every AEW event the majority of the crowd by ringside are pro wrestlers, correct? So every time a serious brawl where it looks like someone is about to be seriously injured why are these trained athletes not coming to their aid? It looked ridiculous to see Griff Garrison, Sonny Kiss et al standing idly by for example where QT Marshall and his crew were about to potentially hospitalize Cody Rhodes. AEW is no longer the new kid on the block; they really have to start paying attention to the stuff they're doing. It's just coming off so silly.

Yep, when we know there are wrestlers in the crowd, we know they aren't fans.  They should do something.  Again, that is why I don't care for Dynamite.  Stuff like that happens all the time.  I don't give bookers a pass just because they want me too.  Creative license only goes so far.

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