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By Dave Scherer on 2021-04-13 10:00:00

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I know in WWE there are Vinceisms or McMahonisms like “medical facility” and “championship opportunity.”  So should we categorize stupid monikers like “ The invisible hand,” and “The forbidden door,” and “the gentleman‘s agreement” by calling them “Khanisms?”

You sure can.  Don’t forget to add “the demo”.

I couldn’t agree more with your answer of Vince’s biggest missed dream match opportunity when Hogan-Flair was dropped from WM8. What’s the real story behind this match not taking place at WM8?

Vince, for reasons only he knows, didn’t want to do it.  My guess is that he didn’t want Flair on equal footing with Hogan because it made WCW equal to the WWF.  Just look at how he destroyed the asset that was WCW after he bought it.  It’s telling.

Are the vast majority of the questions you get about AEW negative? Is Tony Khan that polarizing? Wrestlers seems to like him but other people say he should go focus on his other businesses and trash his other businesses as well. Back when Paul Heyman and ECW was into blood and guts did it take you guys and fans away from the product as much as AEW does now? As a wrestling fan all I know of Tony is what I hear on the show or read about on websites but this guy has a John Cena like effect on fans and writers either you love him or hate him.  Just seems like a lot of the AEW hate comes from people who are never going to like the product anyway, like Jim Cornette clearly isn't a fan you are trying to win over when he personally attacks the performers. I love the differences between the two shows and I hope when both AEW and NXT are on different days they both draw a million and all this nonsense can fade and workers who want to work can get on tv they can have fun and fans can have fun.

First, I wasn’t a big fan of the gore in ECW either.  The ending of the Funk-Sabu barbed wire match was unsettling.  To those that did like it the difference is in what the masses now know about how the blood is created, and also our knowledge of blood borne diseases.  In my opinion, people that complain about matches being spotfests, the booking being illogical and the blood have valid points.  Do some people rag on AEW just to rag in it?  Sure, that is America in 2021.  But in the case of people like me, we had a lot of hope that AEW could do what it said it would and truly compete with Vince McMahon.  My hope was that by doing so, WWE would up its game and improve.  We had a billionaire that loves the business get a slot on TNT.  It was maybe the last chance we would have to see WWE have an equal peer.  So every mistake Khan has made along the way has killed that possibility and that makes some people angry.  Seeing Raw do a million more viewers than AEW while Smackdown almost triples them points out to people that the mistakes have cost Khan his chance to truly compete with Vince.  When he then continues to make those mistakes, he opens himself up to ire from the fans.

Am I alone in thinking the move to Peacock is the worst from a customer standpoint?  I understand their fiduciary duties since it's a publicly traded company.  I just wanted to watch 205 Live.  Now I need to go to Hulu because their archives are 3 weeks old.  Do you think this could be a bad omen for Wrestlemania week?  I don't have my hopes up.

I haven’t had any real issues.  They are learning as they go.  I think they will get it up to par.  And for all of the extra revenue WWE is generating, it was definitely the right move.

I counted only 23 minutes of in-ring wrestling – not interviews, not ring entrances, not recaps, not previews – on Smackdown this past Friday (2 April). Maybe this is a problem?

Guess what the highest rated wrestling show on national TV is?  Smackdown!  It’s been known for a long time in TV trends that more in-ring action equals lower ratings.  It sounds contrarian to hardcore fans but what they don’t realize is that a lot of the casual fans watch the shows for everything other than the wrestling.  They like stories, characters and angles.  They like to have a reason to care about the match.

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