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By Dave Scherer on 2021-04-11 10:00:00

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Was NXT UK Prelude taped in advance?  I ask because with all the current travel restrictions, I was wondering how Walter could travel to the UK and wrestle there the day after his match at Stand and Deliver.  Current travel restrictions I believe include a 10 day mandatory quarantine upon entering England plus 2 negative COVID tests spaced days apart.

Yes, it was taped before Takeover Stand and Deliver.

Regarding Chris Jericho appearing on the Stone Cold podcast, how and why does WWE allow a top wrestler contracted to AEW appear on their programming?

The answer I have gotten is that they don’t see AEW as a threat to them.  And frankly, despite what some fans of the company think, they aren’t.  While AEW routinely beat NXT on Wednesday nights, that was the company’s number one show taking on WWE’s number three program, a show that also aired the next day on The WWE Network.  When you look at the audience and the rating in the demo that Raw and Smackdown do, AEW is not a peer to them at this time.  Plus, Jericho on Austin’s show is not exactly like him being on Raw or Smackdown.

Conversely, how and why does Tony Khan allow one of his top stars and arguably biggest name to appear on WWE programming?

Khan lets his wrestlers appear on lots of other outlets, some of which I see no value in for him.  In this case, why not let Jericho appear on a WWE show?  It can’t hurt and who knows, maybe it can get some fans to check out AEW.

Fans at the CWC are standing shoulder to shoulder, somewhat confined behind a plexiglass wall.   Sure they are required to wear masks, but why does WWE continue to not distance these fans away from each other?  Does Florida state guidelines not require at least an attempt at social distancing when packing a crowd of people indoors?

I have been told that everyone in that position has been tested or fully vaccinated.  Florida allows a lot.

Do you think WWE will ever add Spectrum Wrestling to the Network? As a kid growing up in the 80's, that was always a Saturday afternoon highlight watching that on PRISM each month. I remember many friends who did not subscribe to the PRISM channel would still watch/listen to it scrambled.

Ever is a long time but I don’t see it being a priority for the company to rush out and get edited for broadcast.  There will be a very, very small audience for those shows.

You can send us questions for the Q and A at

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