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By Brian Cannon on 2021-04-07 07:33:00

This is the OVW Report for Tuesday, April 6, 2021. OVW TV can be seen LIVE at 8PM ET on WBNA-21 in the Louisville area with repeats Saturday nights at 9PM, and you can also watch via Youtube, Roku, Thursdays at 7PM on FITE or Friday nights at 12AM Midnight on YTA! OVW Overdrive can be seen on Saturdays at 11AM on WBNA-21.

In this episode, Tony Gunn teams with National Champion Jessie Godderz to challenge the Tate Twins for the Tag Team Titles, Hy Zaya defends the Rush Title against Gustavo, the Fatal 4 Way ladder match to determine a #1 contender for the National Title, plus much more!

OVW Overdrive (Airing Saturdays at 11AM):

Eric Cornish & AJ McKay are on commentary, and the ring announcer is Ms. Stephanie.

"The Iron Bear" Tom Coffey vs. JC Addams.

Tom takes JC down with a shoulder block off the ropes. He misses a stomp, goes to grab JC, and gets kicked in the head. Off the ropes, JC gets turned inside out by a huge clothesline. Tom charges, but runs into a boot. JC chops him, but is sat on the ropes. JC jumps at the big man, but he is caught and slammed. JC tries to rally and leap off the top rope again, but is caught in the big bear slam for the 3.

WINNER: COFFEY by pinfall.

Brandon Espinosa (w/Zachary Westinghouse) vs. "The Real Deal" Derek Neal.

Espy attacks Neal from behind following a distraction from Zachary. Hard hitting action with Neal lighting Espy up. Zachary's interference keeps affecting Neal's attention as he tries to throw in a foreign object, then later gets on the apron. Neal decks him, but Espy rolls him up with a handful of tights for the 3.

WINNER: ESPINOSA by pinfall.

Ca$h Flo (w/"The East End Villain" Josh Ashcraft) vs. Heath Hatton.

Ca$h with a hard clothesline. Heath fires back, but Ca$h catches him and hits a fall away slam. He chops him on the outside in front of the announce table. Back inside, he chops him again and hangs him in a tree of woe. Ca$h stomps his hand and steps on his head in the ropes. He clubs him in the back. Ca$h misses a charge in the corner. Heath fires up, but Ca$h sits on him and then hits a running cross body. Ca$h goes up and hits Payload for the 3.

WINNER: CA$H by pinfall.

"The Mercenary" Garrisaon Creed vs. "The Indian Lion" Mahabali Shera.

Creed fires away with no effects. Shera takes him into the corner, then down with a clothesline. Creed with a running knee to the face, then a spinning kick, but Shera pops right back up again. Shera hits the Sky High for the 3.

WINNER: SHERA by pinfall.

After the match, Tom Coffey attacks Shera with a chair. Shera doesn't seem all that hurt and only angrier after Coffey leaves the ring.

KAL'S BOOTS (CAREER) ON THE LINE: "Shotgun" Tony Gunn vs. "The Fanny Pack Kid" Kal Herro.

Kal with a drop toehold. Side headlock, and takes Tony down off the ropes. Tony hits him in the corner, but misses a charge and Kal rolls over and rolls him up for 2. Tony shoulders him from the apron and goes up top. Tony hits a flying knee to the face. He throws Kal to the floor and follows him out. Tony talks trash with Kal's family at ringside. Kal fires back. Inside, Kal with the bionic elbows. Kal ducks a Killshot and locks in a submission. Tony tries to roll through, but Kal keeps it locked in. Tony rolls him on his shoulders for 2. Kal with a super kick and knee to the face. He goes for the pin, but Tony is under the ropes. Kal catches Tony with a spinebuster. He connects with an elbow drop, then uppercuts Tony in the corner several times. Kal goes for a running knee, but Tony moves, then rolls Kal up with a handful of tights for the 3.

WINNER: GUNN by pinfall.

SUPER HEAVYWEIGHT OPEN CHALLENGE: "Big Money" Dimes vs. Koda Jacobs.

Koda interrupts Dimes as he reads the nutritional label of his weight gainer. Koda says they should both put their things down, Koda's sign, and Dimes' weight gainer. The ref takes the sign from Koda, and as he does, Dimes throws the weight gain powder in Koda's face. He hits the Change Maker and gets the 3.

WINNER: DIMES by pinfall.

Jake Omen vs. Star Rider.

Side headlock from Star. Omen takes him down and clubs him from behind. He hits a snap suplex and hits Star in the corner. Omen runs into a boot. Star with a cross body, but then runs into a hard back elbow. Off the ropes, Omen knees him and covers for 1. Omen with a slam and fist drop. He locks in a sleeper. Star works out, ducks a big boot, and hits Omen with forearms. He connects with a dropkick and both men are down. Star recovers and gets caught with a backbreaker. Omen goes for a suplex, but Star slides out and knees Omen in the face. He dropkicks Omen into the corner, then charges with a kick to the face. He hits a cannonball, then goes up top where he connects with the 5 Star Frog Splash for the 3.

WINNER: STAR by pinfall.

That concludes tonight's edition of Overdrive. I always recommend watching the episode first on TV or online before reading the report. Again, you can check OVW out on Roku, YTA Fridays at 12AM Midnight, FITE Thursdays at 7PM, or WBNA-21 in the Louisville area at 8PM or repeats Saturdays at 9PM and Overdrive Saturdays at 11AM on WBNA-21.


Shannon the Dude, Steven Johnson, & Bryan Kennison are on commentary, Eric Cornish is the ring announcer.


TAG TEAM TITLE MATCH: National Champion "Mr. Pec-Tacular" Jessie Godderz (w/Shannon the Dude) & "Shotgun" Tony Gunn vs. "The Tate Twins": Brandon & Brent (c).

Jessie controls early with the clear power advantage. The Tates come back and take Jessie down and he rolls out of the ring, then they double team Gunn also. The Tates mostly maintain control with quick tags in and out. STD causes a distraction with the ref, allowing Gunn & Godderz to double team Brent and take control. STD chokes Brent in the ropes. Gunn & Godderz argue as they tag themselves in, though they remain in control against Brent. Brent starts to fire up against Jessie, but Jessie catches him with a big press slam. Gunn faceplants Brent off the ropes, as Jessie knees him in the face. Gunn with a suplex attempt, but Brent slides out and tags Brandon. Brandon leaps in on Gunn and takes Jessie down with a dropkick as he enters. Brandon goes up top, but Jessie shoves him off. Gunn covers for 2. Gunn can't believe it and pounds Brandon on the mat. Jessie tags in and hits Brandon in the ropes, clubbing him across the chest. Gunn hits him from the outside while the ref is distracted by Brent trying to get in. Brandon tries to fire awat Gunn & Godderz and climbs up top. Jessie hits him and goes for a press slam, but Brandon spins around and spike DDT's him into the mat. Brent gets the tag and clotheslines and double knees Jessie. Brent clotheslines Gunn, then clotheslines him again out of the ring. He goes up, but Gunn grabs his foot. Brandon hits a flip over maneuver and does some twin magic with his brother. It backfires as Jessie rolls up one of the Tates for the 3!


"Superior" Tony Evans vs. Captain Caribbean.

CC with a shove. Evans with a dropkick and hit in the corner, but CC splashes him in the opposite corner. He hits a Samoan drop and finishes Evans off with the Island Clock for the 3.


Gustavo with 3 straight dropkicks. He covers for 2. Hy back with kicks to the back and some hard chops. Hy bulldozes him over off the ropes. He kicks him in the gut, then knees him in the back of the neck. Gustavo avoids a charge and Hy flies to the outside. Gustavo leaps out on him. Gustavo goes in and goes to dive out again and is caught and thrown into the railing. Hy hits a cutter on the floor. Back inside, Hy hits a kick to the face. Gustavo fires back, but gets slammed off the ropes. Hy goes up, but Gustavo catches him with a kick to the head. Gustavo goes up and hits a headscissors off the top. Gustavo hits his finisher and covers for 2 as Josh breaks the pin.


#1 CONTENDER FOR THE NATIONAL HEAVYWEIGHT TITLE FATAL 4 WAY LADDER MATCH: "The Complete Package" Tony Bizo vs. "Mr. Juicy" Luscious Lawrence (w/Women's Champion "Hollyhood" Haley J) vs. "Rockstar" Ryan Howe vs. Dustin Jackson.

AJZ was unable to compete due to injury, so Bizo was his replacement. Jessie Godderz comes out and joins commentary. Everyone goes after ladders and brawl around the ring. Howe gets a spinebuster on a ladder from Bizo. Dustin is dropped across one as well by Bizo. Bizo & Luscious both go for the briefcase, but Howe & Dustin leap off the ropes with dropkicks and everyone is down. Howe stomps a ladder onto Bizo many times. Howe then tries to set up a ladder. Dustin catches him and they exchange blows. Dustin gets thrown into the ladder. Howe dropkicks a ladder into a seated Bizo. Dustin takes Howe downDustin leaps at Bizo & Luscious, but hurts his knee. He DDT's Bizo. Howe exchanges shots with Dustin again, then Dustin slams him. He starts to climb, but Howe grabs his foot. Howe kicks him in the face, then darts him into the ladder, which also hits Luscious in the process. Howe hits a ladder into Bizo. Howe & Dustin fight each other trying to climb again. Howe goes for a neckbreaker drop on Dustin, but Bizo hits him in the midsection with a ladder. Luscious powerslams Bizo. He climbs and Howe meets him on the ladder. Haley gets in and grabs Howe's foot. He gets down and kisses her as Luscious gets down and clubs Howe. Bizo drops Luscious, then Dustin fires away on Bizo. He super kicks Bizo and goes up top a ladder, leaping off with the Derby City Dive! Luscious clubs Howe and forearms him in the face. Howe kicks and clotheslines him. Howe starts to climb and Haley gets in again and hits him with the sock of rocks, then Luscious pushes the ladder over. Luscious hits Bizo with the sock of rocks, then Howe flips Luscious out of the ring. Howe goes up top and dives on Luscious on the floor. Dustin sets up a ladder and Bizo hits him. Dustin kicks him away, but Bizo slams him off of it. Luscious stomps on Howe. Howe kicks him below the belt. He cracks a ladder across Dustin's back, then hits Bizo. He hits Dustin as Luscious starts to climb. Bizo & Luscious fight. Howe throws Bizo out, then climbs up and hits Luscious's head across the top of the ladder and both of them fall to the mat. Dustin starts to climb as does Howe. Haley gets in and shoves them off the ladder. Luscious makes the climb and retrieves the briefcase!



RUSH TITLE MATCH: Gustavo vs. "Hood Ninja" Hy Zaya (w/"The East End Villain" Josh Ashcraft) (c).

This ended the TV taping.

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