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By Adam Cardoza on 2021-04-07 08:05:00

Northeast Wrestling “NEW Studio Wars: Episode 13”


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Last week on Studio Wars, Brad Hollister defended his NEW Live Championship against a VERY game Mike Verna.  Chris Battle called out Dan Maff for a shot at the NEW Heavyweight belt. Jared Silberkleit continued to try and weasel the Trust Fund into another title opportunity against Inzanely Rude. Paul Crockett is back on commentary with the returning Jon Roy this week.

We open with the announcement of NEW “Spring Slam” on April 20th, 2021

Match 1: The Amazing Graysons (Tommy & JP Grayson w/ Jared Silberkleit) vs Waves & Curls (Trayvon Jordan & Jaylen Brandyn)

“He’s a worm. A despicable, disgusting human being.” When you heard talk like that from the NEW commentary table, you don’t even have to look to know Jared Silberkleit is on the screen. He has a huddle with the Graysons before JP heads to bicker with Traevon. JP thinks he’s clever trying to stomp the foot in a test of strength. W&C make him pay for that. Jaylen gets isolated and takes the heat from the Graysons. Brandyn dodges a top rope legdrop and gets the tag to Jordan to clean house. Spinning sidewalk slam to Tommy for two. W&C goes for their finish but Channing Thomas pulls Brandyn out of the ring and gets in for a 3-on-1 on Traevon Jordan. Ref calls for the bell. Silberkleit is proud of his Trust Fund even though they lost by DQ. What a goof.

Winners: Waves & Curls (by DQ)

Match 2: “The Rhode Island Lion” Nico Silva vs Teddy Goodz

Goodz and Silva work the lockup early, Goodz gets the headlock and latches that on as Silva tries to get him to break it. Silva gets him in the corner with shoulder blocks to the gut. Goodz with a shoulder block, running knee and vertical suplex for a two. Silva with a popup snake eyes and a lariat rocks Goodz for two. Brief exchange and Silva gets his own headlock in. Goodz with a cutter but he’s exhausted. Silva catches him running and crashes him down with a falcon arrrow for the pin! Fun contest!

Winner: Nico Silva

Match 3: Moshpit vs Dutch

Recently making his ROH debut with The Righteous, Dutch (fka Bill Carr) slowly makes his way to the ring to destroy Moshpit. Moshpit comes in and blasted with a pair of shoulder blocks by the big man. Body splash in the corner, Dutch grabs the wrist and drags Moshpit into several clothelines. Exploder suplex. Ripcord Boss Man Slam mercifully ends Moshpit’s night. Dutch is here, y’all. 

Winner: Dutch

Match 4: “Top Notch” Tony Vega (w/ Cam Zagami & Nikii Duke) vs Ray Jaz

Ray Jaz had a good showing in his debut last week but it sure looks like Tony Vega is officially a VIP in Club Cam now. Both guys working the lockup, Jaz with a monkey flip, kip up and dropkick that sends Vega looking for anew strategy. Vega uses a distraction to jack up Ray’s arm on the top rope and goes to work, focusing on the arm & shoulder with submissions, strikes and a big senton. Jaz fires back with a body splash and exploder suplex. Jaz with a sunset flip but Vega sits into it and gets the pin with some assistance from his ringside crew. Ref doesn’t see it and Jaz is 0-2.  

Match 5: “The Personification of Gold” J. Heru vs Mucho Chris Moljo

J needs some time to recover after his last encounter with Wrecking Ball Legursky. Moljo & Heru trade some verbal barbs before the lockup. Heru grabs the headlock but Moljo has more power here. Heru speeds it up with arm drags and dropkicks but Moljo hits a big vertical suplex for a near fall. Moljo whips him post to post and hits a sidewalk slam for two. Heru makes the comeback but gets gut kicked coming from the top. Moljo with a powerbomb and a sitout uranage for the MUCH NEEDED win. 

Winner: Mucho Chris Moljo

Match 6: “The Prize” Alec Price vs “Thrillride” Jimmy Preston

Thrillride is OOZING machismo and confidence as he “YUP”s his way around the ring and batters the “Prize” in the early moments of this. Price finally gets some momentum with a high angle dropkick, adding in some scrappy kicks and stomps. Price is furious that Thrillride doesn’t stay down for three. Dropkick to the back of the head and battering him against the rope. Thrillride catches Price off the top into a powerslam but he can’t capitalize. Price screams as he runs into a lariat. Thrillride fires back up with a neckbreaker and he wants to finish it. Price comes running an hits a tilt-a-whirl bulldog for two. Price is screaming in frustration as he unloads shots on Thrillride. Thrillride is sick of the kid’s mouth and hits a sitout fireman’s carry powerbomb for the pin. So much wild energy in this match. Lot of fun here!

Winner: Thrillride

Main Event: Dan Maff(c) vs “Red Lion” Chris Battle (for the NEW Heavyweight Championship)

Chris Battle asked for this match last week in response to Maff’s assault on everyone in the arena at the end of Episode 11. Maff? He just wants a fight and is right in Battle’s face as he enters the ring. Dan tries to swarm but Battle sweeps him down into the corner, running kick to the head. Battle with some shots to the arm and shoulder and Maff is clearly on the defensive from the challenger’s onslaught. Maff keeps creating space by tossing Battle out of his ring but Battle keeps the pressure on. Maff finally takes control, sweeping Battle onto the apron and smashing his back against the edge. Maff dropping knees and elbows but Battle’s out at two. Headbutts crumble the red lion. Battle staggers Maff back with a few shots but runs into a charge. Maff breaking down all the limbs of Batttle with stomps. Maff batters Battle in the corner and hits a cannonball for two. Battle throws a Superman punch from the second but Maff bounces right back with a huge pounce. Maff is confidence  personifie but Battle won’t give it up. Battle hits a few shots and staggers Maff with some shots to the shoulder. Eat Dafeet sends the champ down for two. Battle runs into a boot on a sliding lariat, Maff with a senton, Battle bounces back with a palm strike for two! Battle fires back with strikes and hits a spear on the champ! Kick out! Maff is hurting and struggling but catches Battle off the top with a cutter. Maff with another senton, superkick to the back of the head and locks in a rear naked choke that forces Chris Battle to tap. Awesome fight here. Battle was all heart but Maff was here to eat one. 

Winner (And Stillllllll): Dan Maff

The last few weeks of Studio Wars have flown by, with solid under card matches and some killer main events. Tonight, Dan Maff didn’t just yell into the camera...he SHOWED what the future holds for anyone who steps across the ring from him. Who else can step up to the Bayonne Bada**?

Next week announced matches are Cam Zagami vs Gio Galvano and Vita Von Starr vs Basic Becca. Until then!

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