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By Anthony Pires on 2021-04-06 19:52:00

Welcome back to the fastest hour in pro wrestling for the GPB Studios in Atlanta, GA. Joe Galli, Tim Storm and Aron Stevens have the call and, yes, the mighty Dokken leads us into tonight's Powerrr episode with "Into the Fire". 

We've got a big TV title match and a lot more on tonight's episode.  Where does new National Champion Chris Adonis fit in with Strictly Business?  We've got some Adonis highlights to lead us in.  Trevor Murdoch let his pride get the best of him and it cost him the National Championship.  As a reminder, Chris Adonis took advantage of the situation and is now your new NWA National Champion.

Aron Stevens talks about he and Kratos scouting the tag teams in the NWA. JR Kratos stands behind his partner as Sal Rinaldi joins the desk.  He reminds Stevens that he accepted a title match.  Stevens backtracks on his acceptance last week, which I clearly remember.  

Thomas Lattimer & Chris Adonis vs. Mike Parrow and Odinson (The End)

Adonis was introduced as a member of Strictly Business.  I'll say it again, Parrow is a BEAST.  Parrow and Lattimer exchange shoulderblocks and tag out.  Odinson is 6'4". Adonis with a kick and chop.  Suplex by Odinson.  LAttimer and Parrow tag in.  Parrow with an avalanche and a DVD by Odinson onto Lattimer.  Lattimer rolls out.  Adonis with a clothesline to Parrow.  Back in the ring, Lattimer sends Parrow back in the ring and nails Parrow with a clothesline for 2.  Lattimer with punches, here comes Adonis with a running clothesline in the corner for 2.  Adonis drops the knees on Parrow.  Lattimer tags in and nauils a kick to the stomach.  Big time tags by Strictly Business, they are in total synch.  Adonis tries to apply the Masterlock but Parrow powers away and tags in Odinson.

Odinson with running uppercuts on both opponents and a big powerslam for 2.  All 4 men are in there.  The End nail running clotheslines.  Super Collider by the End.  Kamille runs out with the distraction and a low blow by Adonis on Parrow.  Adonis applies the Masterlock.  Lattimer sends PArrow into the ringpost as Odinson loses consciousness.

WINNERS: Thomas Lattimer and Chris Adonis

Thunder Rosa comes out to confront Kamille.  She's fired up.  She threatens Kamille and here comes Taryn Terrell.  She's debuting tonight and mocks Rosa.  She "puts over" Rosa.  Here comes Melina to tell off Terrell, who reminds Rosa that she can help Rosa with her career.  Rosa walks off.

Trevor Murdoch with Mae Valentine.  Although he lost his title, he's proud that he stood up for himself and reaches out to Tim Storm.  He puts Nick Aldis on Notice.

Velvet Sky joins the booth.  Dane and Slice kick us off. Dane slaps Mims and he immediately tags in.  Dane puts him down with a big shoulder.  Fallaway belly to belly by Dane, here comes Crimson.  They throe Mims around and Slice tags in, but her gets taken down by a back elbow for 2.  Dane tags in and they hit clotheslines.  Mims is back and he eats Forearms to the back and a big chop by Dane.   Dane with shoulderblocks in the corner.  Here comes Crimson and he throws Dams into Mims.  Elboe off the 2nd rope by Crimson for 2.  Slice trips dane off the apron.

Crimson with elbows and a rear chinlock to Mims. Dane is out.  Mims elbows out and tags in Slice.  Crimson nails them with a double clothesline.  Chop block by Slice he nails an elbow off the 2nd rose for 1.  Slice goes to work ion the corner and Crimson goes to work in the corner.  Dane is still out.  Mims tags in and rains punches. Crimson fights out of it.  Slice gtags back in and they nail a double suplex for 2.  Someone should check on Dane.  Spinebuster by Crimson, he weakened.  Crimson with a DVD on Mims for 2, save by Slice.  A 2nd ref checks on Dane.  Mims rolls up Crimson for the pin.

WINNERS: Slice Boogie and Matthew Mims

Big upset in my opinion.  Crimson is not happy and demands Dane get up.

Nick Aldis comes out and proclaims himself as the trendsetter in Pro Wrestling.  Despite what happened earlier, Strictly Business is actively recruiting.  Nothing is guaranteed, even those who are in Strictly Business.

NWA TV Title Match: Da Pope (NWA TV Champion) vs. Fred Rosser

6:05 time limit is in effect.  Pope is going for his 3rd title defense.  Here we go.  Lockup, they exchange go behinds, Rosser with a fireman carry takedown intio an armtwist, which Pope rolls through and gets  aside headlock.  Rosser escapes and tries a fireman carry.  Pope goes for an uppercut but Rosser ducks it.  Lockup, side headlock by Rosser.  Shoulderblock by the chalenger and the champion counters with a hiptoss.  Reverse atomic drop by Pope.  Pope to the top he misses a cross body.  Spear for 2 by Rosser.  Rosser slams the arm and nails a punch to the gut.  Rosser with a legdrop for 2.  

We're already 3 minutes down.

Rosser with shouldertackles in the corner but Pope with a punch and neckbreaker.  Pope misses a charge in the corner and Rosser scores a 2 count.  2 minutes remain.  Pope with chops and forearms Rosser with a gut check, Pope rolls out with 90 seconds left. Rosser with slaps and a whip into the corner.  Pope gets out of the way and and nails a dropkick onto Rosser's back in the corner for the pin.

WINNER: Da Pope (retains NWA TV Title)

Austin Idol and Tyrus mockingly applaud Pope as we go off the air. 

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