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By Mike Johnson & Steven Fernandes on 2021-04-06 10:45:00

Andrade tweeted the following, possibly revealing what contract he signed that he teased a few days ago as well as his post-WWE ring name of Andrade el Idolo:

Longtime pro wrestling reporter and radio host John Arezzi's memoir was officially released today.   Promotional material for Mat Memories: My Wild Life in Pro Wrestling, Country Music and with the Mets by John Arezzi  and Greg Oliver- "A man with three different names ties together the stars of professional wrestling, country music, and the New York Mets.  John Arezzi was a lifelong Mets fan who dreamed of a job in baseball. In 1981, he took a job with the Mets Class A team in North Carolina. But Arezzi had another love: professional wrestling. He ran a fan club for the villainous “Classy” Freddie Blassie as a teenager, then progressed to wrestling photographer, and finally even stepped into the ring himself as John Anthony. Eventually he escaped to pursue a new life in altogether different world: country music. After adopting a new name, John Alexander, his many accomplishments include discovering both Patty Loveless and (decades later) Kelsea Ballerini. But wrestling is tough to shake … In the 1990s, Arezzi hosted the pioneering radio talk show Pro Wrestling Spotlight. He also ran the first major conventions, assembling a wrestling who’s who to meet with fans. He promoted shows, both at home and abroad, and was a key figure behind importing lucha libre into America.  Mat Memories is Arezzi’s chance to hold the mic, and he holds nothing back ? he names names and tells the untold behind-the-scenes stories: from the ring, the stage, and the diamond." 

Arezzi is selling a signed copies here.  Arezzi and Tito Santana will each be signing their books this Saturday 4/10 at Tommy Fierro's new store, The Wrestling Collector (2772 State Route 23) in Stockholm, NJ.

The 25th annual ECWA Super 8 Tournament will be held on Saturday 5/1 from Morganville, NJ.  The show will stream live on IndependentWrestling.TV.

The New York Wrestling Connection released their Heart & Soul tournament final:


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