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By Mike Johnson on 2021-04-06 09:45:00

The following press release was issued:

Wrestlers Matt Cardona and Brian Myers to stream wrestling pay-per-view

APRIL 5, 2021 — Professional wrestlers Matt Cardona and Brian Myers are taking their podcast network to the next level with their first wrestling show under the Major Pod Network banner.

The pay-per-view, called FWF LIVE!, will stream Thursday, April 8, at 5 p.m. on FWF LIVE! will feature wrestlers and personalities from the Major Wrestling Figure Podcast and FWF (Figure Wrestling Federation), including Cardona, Myers, Swoggle, producer "Smart" Mark Sterling, and more. Matt Cardona is wrestling in the main event for the Create-A-Pro championship against CAP's longest-reigning champion, VSK. Myers and Sterling will defend the CAP Tag Team championship against AEW's Bear Country. Also appearing are ECW legends Shane Douglas and Tommy Dreamer.

The show is available for pre-order now for a one-time charge at, and will air through a secure Patreon link. Major Pod fans and fans of great wrestling can also order a package that includes the pay-per-view, an exclusive mystery Pro Wrestling Tee’s Micro Brawlers figure, an exclusive Major WF Pod official trading card, and an exclusive official Zombie Sailor Major Pod pin. Other available packages offer bonus content, including a behind-the-scenes vlog of the day of the show; an audio podcast of Cardona, Myers, and Sterling planning the PPV; and a post-show special. Fan can watch the pay-per-view and order the exclusive merchandise until April 15th.

About the Major Pod Network:

Matt Cardona and Brian Myers' Major Pod Network is home to six podcasts about the world of wrestling collecting and wrestling history,‎ including Matt Cardona's MC! True Long Island Story. The network grew out of their flagship podcast, The Major Wrestling Figure Podcast, which is a weekly deep-dive into wrestling figure and memorabilia collecting. Since the podcast's inception in 2018, the brand has grown into a community for wrestling figure collectors, and it has expanded beyond podcasting to host live shows, a thriving community of collectors, and now its first wrestling show.

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The Major Pod Network

Twitter: @majorpodnetwork

Matt Cardona on Twitter: @TheMattCardona

Brian Myers on Twitter: @Myers_Wrestling

Mark Sterling on Twitter: @MarkSterlingEsq


The Major Wrestling Figure Podcast


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