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By Dave Scherer on 2021-04-07 10:00:00

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President Biden famously had a stuttering problem when he was a child, and it's fair to assume that there are probably a number of young WWE fans that deal with the same issue.  So why have they continued the Shane/Braun storyline where each week Shane clearly and repeatedly insinuates that people who have a stutter are stupid?

It’s funny, I have heard some people theorize that Vince means it as a shot at Biden (since he is a good friend of the former President).  I don’t know if that is true or not but certainly equating someone who stutters with being stupid is nasty and rude.  WWE should be embarrassed for doing that.  If I were Shane McMahon I wouldn’t be party to it.

The Strowman Express was already a pretty hokey move, but now that they have added the train sound effect to it, it has just become completely ridiculous.  In my view it is the lamest and corniest move in wrestling right now.  Between the train effects and the "Braun is stupid" storyline, has is tarnished your view of Braun as a monster, and how does he rebuild his image as a monster after his program with Shane runs its course?

No, I know Braun is a beast of a human being.  I don’t let the terrible way that WWE books him make me think any less of him.  I put them blame where it belongs, on creative.

If all parties involved (Vince McMahon, Tony Khan, and the performers) agreed to it, are there any talent trades between WWE and AEW that might make sense? Maybe Britt Baker for Lana to get some couples (Cole-Baker, Miro-Lana) together in their respective companies?

I get your point and all but I don’t see Vince wanting to work with AEW.  If anything, if he wants someone he can wait until their deal expires and sign them.  Plus, you can’t just assume Britt would want to leave.  She has said she loves Tony Khan, she may not want to go to WWE.

Is there any behind the scenes reason why they dismantled the Hurt Business just when it seemed like they were going to run things for a while?  Seemed like a team built for long term success.

Unless the plan it to have them come out and help Lashley win at Mania, which would be terrible booking so it just may have it, nope, there is no good reason other than it’s what creative wanted to do.

Do this year’s WrestleMania matches seem more forced than usual? In many cases there seems no lead up at all. Other than a few main events both nights seem to hold little interest to anyone but the most loyal of fan. It really seems like there was minimal thought given to their most Important event other than to throw a card together. One other point, where are stars like Bayley and many others in WrestleMania?

This has been as bad of a build to WrestleMania as I can ever remember.  Me, I am looking forward to NXT and NXT UK’s shows but Mania?  Nope.  The booking has been so bad.  I am sure that the talent will all work hard but the booking has just been so bad.  It’s a shame.  The talent deserves better, especially people like Bayley.

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