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Alyssa "Kat" Marino Talks to VOC Nation About her Journey to WWE, Advice for Aspiring Talent, Her Release, and More

Former NXT live event host Alyssa “Kat” Marino was a recent guest on VOC Nation’s My Big Break.  She talked about her journey into pro wrestling, what it takes to get your first opportunity, making it to WWE, and more.  Here are some highlights:

On when she became a wrestling fan:  “I watched when I was very, very little with my great grandfather, and then I stopped for the longest time.  It wasn’t until I moved out to LA in 2016 that I really started diving back in.  And that was when I started going through the catalog of everything that I had missed along the way… I think I just wanted to explore; I had a real thirst for the knowledge…so I wanted to dive in and do all my research.”

On moving out to Los Angeles:  “One of the first things I actually did out there was, I took a class about writing comic books… I don’t think entertainment was really on the forefront of my mind; I didn’t go out there (to) pursue acting or even singing.  I don’t think that was something I intended to do.”

On getting her first opportunity after wrestling school:  “One of the things (Santino Bros Wrestling School teaches is) having respect (for the business), going and making yourself available, and getting (to the point) where you can fit in.  So a lot of the time I would just go to set up, or go and do ring crew, and one of the things they always say is ‘always bring your gear’.  So I was always prepared in case anything were to happen… I remember one of the first times going to Championship Wrestling from Hollywood; a group of us from the manager class went with the intention (that we’re) going to help with the ring… After we get done setting up the ring, they were getting set up for pre-taped interviews.  Jeremy Marcus, who is now I think a referee for New Japan, said ‘is (interviewing) something you’re interested in doing?’  I said absolutely…I was so hungry and I wanted to try and learn everything, so I (just said) yes… It just kind of happened that I got to do a little interview audition there.”

On getting a shot with WWE:  “I actually ended up filling out a profile on the careers site, and kind of went from there… I don’t know if my name had gone around or anything like that, but I ended up having an audition I think in October, and I moved (to Orlando) in January.”

On getting an opportunity to do live event hosting in WWE:  “It was actually Tomasso Ciampa who gave the (seminar) with the (wrestlers) in attendance.  I remember one of the things he said was, ‘do things that showcase your best work.  Don’t try and do something beyond what you would normally do.  Be 100% you and do what you do.’…so I go up to Ciampa, and I (said) ‘is there anyway I can do commentary for the practice matches.  I can just record it, so I can do what I do.’  It was the first time I had really taken a chance on myself.”

She also covers the uncertainty of the pandemic, as well as her eventual release and future aspirations.  The entire interview is available free on the VOC Nation Wrestling Network podcast feed, and the full video is available on Patreon. 

My Big Break with Gerry Strauss drops every Friday on VOC Nation covering the career journey of pro wrestlers prior to stardom.

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