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By Dave Scherer on 2021-03-31 10:00:00

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Likely losing a considerable amount of viewers who watched for free on Youtube after the move to Fite, what do Corgan and the NWA have to do to become relevant again? Nothing they've promoted has really pushed me to buy the PPV or NWA subscription on Fite, yet.

I don’t know to be honest.  There is so much competition out there, and competition takes the talent.  I wish I had a good answer but I don’t.  It’s a tough battle for them.

Why do a lot of old school wrestlers consistently insult fans as "losers living in their mom's basement" or "nerds"?. I don't know any other industry - outside of old school death metal - that insults their fans with such a passion. Isn't this bad business? Do many really feel this way...or they just cutting promos?

It depends.  Some wrestlers love heeling fans and that is why they do it.  Others really mean it.  Think about it.  You are a WWE wrestler and you do what your boss wants you to do.  You come through the curtain and Vince says, “GREAT JOB PAL!  That’s exactly what I wanted!”  Then you go on the Twitter machine and fans are saying the match sucked because you didn’t do six pescados.  I think in that case, the abuse heaped on said fan was definitely sincere.

Piggybacking off a recent question about dream matches that were able to be booked but weren't, which was the bigger mistake for not being booked at the time: Hogan vs. Flair at Wrestlemania 8, or Sting vs Undertaker at Wrestlemania 31?  We will end up never seeing Sting/Taker, and sure we saw Hogan/Flair several times in WCW and later on in WWE, but those matches never had the magnitude or historical significance as it would have at WM8.

It would have to be Hogan vs. Flair for me.  That was THE match, WCW against The WWF.  Vince dropped the ball badly with that one.

Am I the only one surprised with what has happened with Andrade/WWE? Back in 2018 there was talk that Vince liked him so much he was considered as being on the short list to win the Rumble. Fast forward to the past year where he hasn't been utilized at all... How did he fall so quickly? He is extremely talented, so I am just curious as to how creative could not utilize such a talent. What am I missing here?

If Vince still felt that way Andrade would be getting the mega push.  It all comes down to him.  If he tells creative to push someone, they get pushed.  That simple.

I know that it is unlikely that Vince McMahon will ever 100% fully retire as long as he feels he can do the job but do you see a time that he will take a reduced position in the company and allow others (IE Triple H, Stephanie, etc) to take over and make those final decisions that Vince is so well known in making, especially when it comes to storylines?

My take?  No way.  As long as he is functional and doesn’t suffer from bad health, he will not step back.  It’s his baby and he treats it as such.

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