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By Dave Scherer on 2021-03-30 10:00:00

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I know a lot of people point out everything NXT does as fantastic, fantastic stuff but why aren't people pointing out Finn is either naive or an imbecile. Karrion Kross makes his debut by attacking and wrecking Ciampa from the shadows, proceeds to terrorize everyone he faces and then Finn being the nice guy he is tags with the guy? Why? He's already the NXT champ he doesn't need more titles when hes the king of the mountain and he stupidly trusts the most untrustworthy man in all of NXT if not wrestling and then shows concern for his equally dastardly female sidekick when he runs into her? When will Finn realize he needs to stop shaking hands and realize he's the champ and he's the target?

I didn’t have a problem with it given how it was set up, with Kross being respectful at first.  It was about who is the real champion.  That changed obviously.  Should Finn have trusted him?  Well should anyone in wrestling trust anyone?

I realize this year’s Mania and Mania week are going to be EXTREMELY different (huge understatement).  I have been vaccinated and made the decision to go (this will be my first). I bought a ticket to the Highspots Wrestlecon and I’m looking at some of the indies running. How do the conventions generally go?  Are the wrestlers generally approachable or is it like “Here’s an autograph. Next!”?  Also any tips for picking out an Indy show?   Like I said I know these are different times and that’s definitely going to have an impact on fans and talents.

This year will be different for sure.  Usually, there is time to get the autograph/photos and take for a short period.  That will probably be different this year due to protocols.  In fact, I expect it to be different.  As for indy shows, look at the cards when we post them on the site.  You know what you like so pick the show or shows that look best to you.

I saw the question about 4 star matches and it got me thinking...while match ratings are subjective...there seems to be some unwritten rules as to what constitutes a four star match. It appears that widely accepted four star matches are at least 12 minutes in length, exhibit good execution & move set variety, a "specialty" (like a ref bump, interference or weapon shot), and feature at least one fake finish. Would this be the criteria that goes into a 4-star match or am I bugging?

What you just wrote is exactly why I don’t do star ratings.  The people that are into that are like gymnastic or figure skating judges, as you illustrated.  There are things that need to be checked off on a list.  None of that is the criteria by how I judge a match.  For example, if one spot from a move set isn’t included, I don’t care at all.  There very well be unwritten rules but honestly, I have no interest in them.

I’m sure I'm not alone but my head hurts trying to figure out the latest developments of the already baffling Randy Orton vs. The Fiend/Alexa Bliss fiasco.  First, I don't recall there being any No DQ stipulation to the match between Orton and Bliss at Fastlane, so why wasn't Alexa DQ'd the moment the flames appeared, or even when she threw the fireball at Orton? Making it worse, The Toxic Aveng...sorry, The Fiend takes Orton out, which is always a DQ, yet the ref counts Alexa pinfall cover? Then on RAW the next night, Orton says he is going to end The Fiend for good and tries to set him on fire - again - when it clearly worked so well the first time since The Fiend literally returned after having survived being burned alive the first time at TLC?? Doesn't anyone on the WWE Creative (aka Vince McMahon) understand even the basic principles of storytelling anymore? Gah!

I have nothing too add.  Excellent rant.  Spot on!

Will WWE move out of Florida and back on the road in either residency basis or weekly basis starting this year's Summerslam on new normal during the pandemic??

No one can say definitively at this point.  Do I think there is a good chance of that happening?  I do, since the President said that anyone that wants to book a vaccine appointment will be able to do so by May 1 and he already blew away his first vaccination goal.  If we keep getting vaccinated and are smart about any variants that come here (like contact tracing them), I think it’s very possible WWE will be back on the road again by September.  Until that happens, they will stay in Florida.

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