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By Mike Johnson on 2021-03-26 20:43:00

Welcome to's ongoing Ring of Honor 19th Anniversary PPV coverage from Baltimore, Maryland!

Ian Riccaboni and Caprice Coleman welcomed everyone to the show and ran down the lineup.

Danhausen vs. Brian Johnson vs. LSG vs. Eli Isom.

Johnson was very verbose knocking everyone on the way to the ring and then at the bell.  He and Isom started out with Johnson being dropkicked into the corner.  Johnson took some nice bumps early to put over Isom.  LSG tagged in and went back and forth with Isom, grappling.  Johnson tagged himself in to get Isom out of the ring.  LSG nailed a pump kick but missed a charge into the ring.  He nailed a nice somersault into a leaping clotheslie.  Johnson took a backdrop over the top to the floor.  LSG nailed a dive to the floor.

Isom hit a moonsault to the floor on them both, leaving Danhausen wondering what to do.  He kicked Johnson but was pulled off the apron and drilled by the others.  Isom and LSG returned to the ring and exchanged strikes and chops.  They had some nice exchanges.   Isom nailed a nice Northern Lights suplex but Danhausen and Johnson each tagged themselves in.  Johnson nailed a leaping forearm strike and stomped away at Danhausen.  He sent Isom into the ropes and drilled him with a big leg to the back of the neck in the ropes.    He covered Isom but the referee caught his legs on the ropes.

Johnson missed a charge in the corner and was caught with a Mule kick off the ropes.  Undaunted, Johnson crotched Isom and slammed him but Isom rolled out of the rijng.  LSG nailed a springboard forearm and followed up with a series of chops.  LSG nailed Rockabye Baby and used a crucifix takedown for a close two count.  He went for a double underhook suplex but Johnson blocked it.  Isom tagged himself in and went to the top, hitting a flying bodypress.  All three charged at the other and nailed clotheslines.  They were all out, leading Danhausen to return to the ring to pick the bones.  He scored several near falls.

Johnson escaped a GTS but then missed a charge into the corner.  Danhausen got hia jar of teeth and went to put them in Johnson's mouth.  LSG and Isom tried to stop Danhausen but eventually all three kicked him at the same time.  Isom and LSG went back and forth with some nice near falls.  Danhausen nailed his GTS variation on LSG but Johnson broke up the pinfall.  Johnson poked Danhausen in the eye and pinned him with The Process.

Your winner, Brian Johnson!

Jay Lethal cut a promo promising to be the next ROH Champion and that the company will be set right again.

They showed La Faccion working out in the back preparing for the night.

They showed The Foundation preparing for the night.

They aired a EC3 vs. Jay Briscoe hype video.

ROH Six Man Tag Team Champions Shane Taylor Promotions vs. MexiSquad.

Mexisquad triple-teamed Taylor early and worked him over in the corner.  Taylor fought back but was nailed with a double dropkick, then splashed off the top by Horus for a two count.  The SOS stopped Bandido and Horus.  Kaun tagged in but was quickly overwhelmed by Mexisquad as well.  They nailed double stereo splashes.   ST Promotions fought back and overwhelmed Flamita.  

Mexisquad came back and controlled Taylor.  They stacked up and nailed a triple splash off the top on Taylor for a two count.  The SOS returned to work over Bandido and sent him into the ring post.  They tossed him back in and nailed a 3D on him   The storyline was that Mexisquad wasn't on the same page with each other and that left them open for Taylor to drill them and take advantage.  Bandido was sent into Flamita in the corner.    They SOS worked over Flamita and scored the pin.

Your winners and still ROH Six Man Tag Team Champions Shane Taylor Promotions!

Flamita walked out on his partners after they argued.  Flamita vs. Rey Horus vs. Bandido has been added to the PPV.

Rocky Romero joined the announcing team.

They had a great opening video incorporating old ROH photos and footage from the very first ROH show to set the for the anniversary.

ROH TV Champion Kenny King (substituting for Dragon Lee with Amy Rose) vs. Tracy Williams

King and Amy Rose each came out wearing masks.  King protested that this wasn't his title and he shouldn't be defending it.    They locked up and went back and forth with some nice mat wrestling and reversals.  Wiilliams worked over King's leg and snatched him in a front facelock.  Some reallly good wrestling early on here.  

They battled to the corner.  Williams made his way up the ropes but King drilled him and went for a superplex but was fought off and sent to the mat.  Williams nailed a top turnbuckles DDT, a discus lariat and a Spicoli Driver for a two count.  Williams pounded him with forearms and strikes.  Williams took him to the mat, snatching him into a Fujiwara armbar.  King made his way to the ropes.  Amy Rose distracted the referee but Williams kept control and nailed the piledriver for the pin.

Your winner and new ROH TV Champion, Tracy Williams!

Flip Gordon vs. Mark Briscoe

They fired back and forth with chops and elbows.  Briscoe slammed Flip and nailed a senton for a two count.  Flip drilled him in rhe corner and sat Briscoe on the top rope, then kicked him off to the floor.  Gordon trash-talked him from the ring and attacked Mark when he returned, drilling him across the back with hard shots.  Gordon rained down with fists until the referee stopped him.   Gordon nailed a fisherman's suplex for a two count.

Gordon nailed a twisting neckbreaker for a two count.  Gordon went to the top but was caught with a big uppercut.  Gordon went for a springboard but was shoved off the ropes, crashing to the floor.  Briscoe hit a Blockbuster off the apron to the floor.    Gordon went to the top but was sent off by Mark.  They battled on the top rope.  Briscoe beat him across the chest over and over.   Mark tried to go for a powerbomb but was unable to muscle him over.  Gordon fought back and reversed the momentum, hitting a superplex into the ring below.

Briscoe and Flip battled back and forth in the center of the ring, just physically assaulting the other.  Mark peppered him with forearms but Flip nailed a big knee strike.  Mark fired back with a stiff forearm to the jaw.  Briscoe kicked him out to the floor, then hit a sliding kick through the ropes.  Mark grabbed a steel chair and set it up in the ring.  Flip returned to the ring before Mark could use it as a base and nailed a low blow.  Gordon hit the Flipvine and scored the pin.

Your winner, Flip Gordon!

Dalton Castle vs. Josh Woods with Silas Young

They played into their respective collegiate wrestling background, taking each other down and having some really fun grappling.  Josh went for a gutwrench suplex but Castle blocked it and they went back and forth trying for different suplex variations until they landed in the ropes.  Woods drilled a series of kicks to the lower back.    Castle ended up on the floor and when he returned to the ring, he popped back outside, trying to quell the momentum.

Back in the ring, Castle cut off Woods and nailed a nice suplex.    Woods missed a bodypress and Castle snatched him and pulled him to the floor.  Woods was sent into the barricades.  Castle worked over Woods, who made a comeback.  Woods nailed Castle on the apron with a powerbomb.  Silas tried to give Woods a chair but he refused to se it.  Woods returned to the ring but Castle picked his leg and suplexed him over.  Woods rebounded with a German release suplex.  He then nailed a big butterfly suplex for a close two count.

Woods had the match won but the referee got bumped.  Woods rolled up Castle, who kicked up.  Woods was sent into the ropes, where Young smashed him with a chair.  Castle scored the pin.

Your winner, Dalton Castle!

Young took the mic and told Woods that he had been nothing but a patient man the last 18 months.  He said that this was the last time he defies Young because moving forward, no matter how much it will hurt him to hurt Woods, he had better believe he will hurt Woods to the point he's going to wonder if he made the right career choice.  He's going to beat him and teach him how to be a real man.

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