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By Dave Scherer on 2021-03-29 10:00:00

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Can you explain to me why Braun Strowman is wearing the The tan T-shirt and the Hunter pants on Raw while looking like this (a picture of a ripped Braun Strowman)?

That’s what Vince wants?  That’s what Braun wants?  Maybe both?  Plus yes he is shredded now, but if he then gets a little heavier, his look changes.  That could be a factor too.  With the outfit he wears, he will always look the same.

Am I the only one very confused about the MJF/Inner Circle angle? Inner Circle has been heels the entire history of AEW, MJF tricks them and wipes them out and now we’re supposed to see Inner Circles as faces? Also, why was MJF trying to convince inner circle to join him if he had the Pinnacle? Why would any of Pinnacle trust him unless this was a set up all along and if it was, why?

I have said the same things.  Yep, the Circle did nothing to become faces other than get beaten up.  It’s lazy booking, especially given how devious they have been.  MJF said he did that because he wanted to destroy the Inner Circle from within.  Seems goofy to me.  I would have just beaten them up and not wasted six months of my life.  I am guessing that had the Inner Circle turned on Jericho, he could have then had his group turn on them, just to totally destroy them.  I don’t know why anyone would trust the MJF character at this point, for sure.

Week in, week out we see Tony Khan show up on impact, telling us that the product isn't worth watching. Impact’s now former tag champs show up on AEW more often than we see them on impact (even though they chose not to sign there). Kenny Omega only shows up on Tuesday to bury the talent verbally. AEW Women's tournament featured women from NWA and Japan but not Impact. So I ask, what's Impact getting out of this "partnership"?

Exposure is the main thing.  They are getting Omega and they hope to bring some of AEW’s audience to come over to watch Impact.   They get mentions on a show that does a bigger audience than they do.

Recently you’ve been answering a lot of questions regarding blading in wrestling.  Specifically when it comes to AEW.  I know your take on the subject.  I’ll admit, I like it aesthetically in a match in certain situations the same way I prefer an R rated film to a PG-13 one, but I agree with you on someone intentionally cutting themselves and blood-borne diseases.  My question is, why are they doing something as outdated as blading to achieve that aesthetic?  Whether it be blood capsules or other “movie magic”, why can’t they pull it off without real blood?

That’s a good question and my only guess is that isn’t what Tony Khan wants, he wants real, actual blood.  Why?  I have no idea.

In regards to zombie Fiend, what do you see as the eventual out for Bray as this character? Kind of seems like they’ve painted him into a corner now that he’d be both dead and horribly disfigured. WWE was fairly careful to never present The Fiend and Bray as the same person. What if they got through Wrestlemania and then put someone else in the Fiend outfit as a stand-in and had Bray show back up as himself. I hate to think WWE would just go the route of zombie Fiend gradually returning to regular Fiend, but also wouldn’t put it past them.

I look at Kane.  They changed him around many times, even took off the mask.  I have learned with WWE that just because something seems obviously impossible, they don’t seem to feel that way.  I wouldn’t be shocked is he just goes back to being the old Bray.  Look at Randy Orton.  Horribly burned one week, fine the next!

You can send us questions for the Q and A at

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