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By Mike Johnson on 2021-03-26 10:00:00


I feel like every few years you are asked who should be writing a book and the answers are usually very good indicators of books that eventually come out.  So, who do you think you'd like see write books about their careers these days?

The first name that comes to mind is Konnan, who really had a Hall of Fame superstar career in Mexico before he set up so many others to have big-time careers in the States.  With Antonio Pena and Paco Alonso now having passed away, there is not one person who has a better perspective of what was happening "in the room when it happened" in terms of lucha libre the last several decades, the attempts to expand it into the United States as well as ECW, WCW, WWF, politics, his time in the military, his health issues etc.  He's the first person on my list and I would argue that if he doesn't ever put pen to paper, there will be a lot of history and insight lost forever.  He was the nucleus of so many important things and when his perspective is gone, it's gone forever.

Second would be Jeff Jarrett.  He grew up in the business and worked in every aspect of the business from wrestler to promoter and beyond.  He tried to build the first post-WCW competition for WWE and while his father's version of the creation of the company was written many years ago, I think Jeff's version would be extremely interesting to read, especially since the person who truly knew where all the bodies were buried, so to speak, Bob Ryder, has passed away.  I think there's an interesting story to tell.

Third would be The Dudley Boyz, as there's been no greater, successful regular tag team of the last several years.  I think if the book followed each of their lives and then interwtined the stories of their meeting, time in ECW, WWF, TNA, New Japan, etc. and then closed with their stories separating again as they pursued their post-Dudley lives, it would be an interesting tale.

I would also REALLY like to see Tully Blanchard write an autobiography as I think he was such an incredible heel and interesting personality that it would truly be a shame if his recollections of rising from star in Texas to Four Horseman to WWF to falling out of the business and eventually returning with AEW weren't put to paper for all time.  

If I could pick a subject to be covered in the same vein that Liam O'Rourke wrote and researched the late Brian Pillman, I'd suggest Eddie Gilbert.   He was a great booker in his best efforts (Continental in 1988), an important piece of Memphis history and a great talent who sadly never found his way back when there were personal issues, but he's an extremely fascinating talent.

All of that said, If I could be completely selfish and pick someone just because I loved their work and think they'd have awesome stories to tell, it would be a tie between Paul Orndorff and Don Muraco.  Other than Kamala (who had an awesome book), those are the talents I always hoped would write books.

What do you think was the bigger mistake in not being booked - Hulk Hogan vs. John Cena or Steve Austin vs. Goldberg?

Hogan vs. Cena was originally set for Wrestlemania 25 but Hogan had a bad back issue and had to pull out of the planned match.  I think Goldberg vs. Austin would have meant far more at the box office, so I guess that would be the "bigger mistake" but I don't know Austin's neck would have dealt well with how rough Goldberg was in the ring.  Each match would probably have been far better staying in the "fantasy booking" realm.

In the 1990s, Marvel did a WCW book.  Why didn't they ever try to get the WWF license?

I don't know whether they ever tried or not.  My guess is WCW was a lot easier to deal with in terms of licensing and creativity.

If you could give blanket advice to every promoter, what would it be?

Underpromise and over-deliver.  If you leave the fans with more than they expected, you will breed loyalty.  If you tell them everything will be the greatest moment or match or thing ever, you will always let them down, because the more die-hard a fan is, the grander they will build things in their minds - and reality will never live up their imagination.


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