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By Dave Scherer on 2021-03-24 10:00:00

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Just a follow-up question on NXT. I can see why keeping it on Wednesday, under the USA umbrella, but which would you prefer it move to, if it came to that – Tuesday, displacing Impact on AXS, or Thursday, where there is currently no wrestling program?

All indications are if it moves it will go to Tuesday.  Impact will move to Thursday.  I think Tuesday makes more sense since they would rather be on before AEW.

MLB regular season starts in a couple weeks and I have not seen anything yet on where WWE plans to move their Thunderdome to from Tropicana Field? Will they just move it to Raymond James Stadium to stay in Tampa area?

The rumor is they will move to The Yuengling Center in Tampa, FL.

With the focus in America turning from the pandemic back to systemic racism and specifically the currently unacceptable amount of racism and violence toward Asian-Americans do you think it is something that could potentially derail the Xia Li NXT storyline which has become one of the more intriguing storylines NXT has put together?  it would be a shame if they had to pivot away from the evil Chinese mystical martial art cult group because of the timing.

I don’t see any way that Triple H and his team do that.  They would never reward the racists that are attacking Asian Americans (note AMERICANS) due to their stupidity and ignorance.  No way I see that happening.

In a pre-COVID era, I would have loved the Baker/Rosa lights out match.  But the pandemic has greatly suppressed my appreciation of intentional blood use in wrestling.  The spot where Rosa bit Baker's bleeding forehead was just absolutely revolting, and not in a good shock-factor way.  I find I would have enjoyed the match much more without the blading.  I could have also done without Jericho bleeding last week, or Moxley licking Brodie Lee's blood in their match not long ago.  Knowing what we know about the transmission of blood-borne diseases, and considering we are still in the midst of the pandemic, has it changed your enjoyment of matches and angles involving blood, and blading in particular?

You must be new to the site because I have been anti-blood for decades now.  First, as you said, it could transmit disease.  Secondly, think about it.  In must cases someone intentionally slices themselves in order to bleed in a match.  WTF?  It’s disgusting.  Three, we are in a pandemic.  Four, it just takes away from matches for me.  Baker and Rosa worked their tails off in that match.  I would have called it a classic had it not been for the blood.  But I found the blood to be disgusting and that took the match down to very good for me.  Frankly, I think Tony Khan is being very irresponsible allowing it.  Every major sports league, including the NFL where his family owns a team, would not allow people to bleed on the field of play.  He shouldn’t either, at least not if they do so intentionally.  I don’t get why a smart guy like Tony Khan is OK with letting people slice themselves open with razor blades.

Why is Edge complaining that Daniel Bryan us trying to take his WrestleMania shot from him when in fact Edge is guaranteed a shot by winning the Rumble?

I have no idea at all.  Like you said, he has his match.  It makes no sense to me either.

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