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By Mike Johnson on 2021-03-20 10:00:00

I saw Kylie Rae is coming back to wrestle against Thunder Rosa for an independent in Chicago.  I also saw you wrote that she is still under an Impact deal.  I understand she had her issues and disappeared on Impact like she did AEW, but if she's coming back, isn't there an argument to be made that she's breached her deal?  Could Impact go after her?

We have heard she is still technically signed to Impact Wrestling but everyone there has been extremely sensitive to the fact that she's had personal issues that led to her pulling out of working for the company.  I am sure that from a legal standpoint, there could be an argument made but I sincerely doubt that public blowback or even the potential financial reward would be worth it.  Rae is obviously super talented but if she feels she's better suited to competing on some local indy shows instead of dealing with the stress of live PPV, national exposure, etc., then I feel like everyone should let her do what's best for herself.

Boy, this Peacock deal is a mess, eh?

It's still in a transitional period and they are obviously dealing with some, well, growing pains.  But, the WWE Network launch wouldn't even play the VOD material on Roku devices when it launched in 2014, so just as everyone was patient (well, sort of) when the Network launched, they are going to have to give NBC a chance to figure out the best way to distribute this content and make WWE fans happy.  Well, you have to hope that's what they are going to do, since here in the United States, fans don't have a choice unless they want to order shows on cable PPV!

When do you think Christian Cage will debut in the ring for AEW?

I would save it for Double or Nothing personally, but perhaps if NXT does permanently split off from Wednesday nights full time, you use the first week alone to run an angle and announce the match for the following week.

When do you think we'll know more about this teased MLW tv/streaming deal?

Well, given the way Court Bauer has positively discussed it, one would hope the deal is done.  If it is, I would guess within 2-4 weeks we'll see some details rolled out.

What do you think about WWE hiring Abadon and debuting her as the daughter of Abyss with Abyss managing her?

I am pretty sure Abadon is signed to AEW but the idea of Abyss bringing a masked daughter out as a monster is pretty interesting.  I don't see WWE utilizing him as Abyss anytime in the future, however.

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