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By Mike Johnson on 2021-03-19 11:17:00

WWE broadcast personality Charly Caruso is expected to depart the company when her current deal expires and is already done appearing on WWE programming, has learned. has been told Caruso is not currently expected to make any additional appearances and that her previous on-air duties have already been filled by other broadcast personalities.

Caruso, real name Charly Arnolt, started with WWE in 2016 on the NXT brand.  She had most recently been utilized on the Monday Night Raw brand as a backstage interviewer, the host of Raw Talk and as the host of the WWE PPV Kickoff Shows, replacing Renee Young in that role in the Fall of 2020.

On Monday 3/8, Kevin Patrick was announced as signed by the company and immediately took over as the host of Raw Talk. The previous week, Kayla Braxton filled in for Caruso. The week before that, Caruso, during the 2/22 episode of Raw Talk, joked that she "liked DP" when co-host R-Truth referred to Damian Priest as "D.P." Caruso has not appeared on Monday night programming the last few weeks as Patrick, Braxton and Sarah Schreiber have been handling interviews on Monday Night Raw.

Caruso has also worked for ESPN since 2018, sometimes appearing on First Take.

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