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By Mike Johnson on 2021-03-18 10:00:00

Will R-Truth realize Bugs Bunny gave him a replica belt?  What happened to the real one?

My guess is they just handed Bad Bunny the wrong belt for the scene or they gifted him the "real" one.  They have multiple belts that go on the road and stay with the production team.

Wait, Eric Bishoff tried to put WWE out of business and they are putting him in the Hall of Fame?  Why?

They are putting him in because he deserves it.  He was a great performer for the company and yes, he certainly did try to run them out of business (although he would say now he was simply doing the best he could do for WCW, which was also true), but Eric also put them in a position to evolve and improve their product and without Eric, they aren't in the position to have the greatest run in company history.  Besides, it's not like they haven't inducted other promoters in the past - Verne Gagne, Eddie Graham, Fritz Von Erich, Bill Watts, etc.    There is zero question Bischoff deserves the honor.

So the NWA are holding their comeback the same day as WWE's Fastlane. Are they for real?

Yes, that is why the show is at 4 PM EST.  So fans can watch both if they choose.

Impact is running vs. Wrestlemania with a ECW-themed show?  Seriously?

Well, they didn't explicity say it was ECW themed but Tommy Dreamer is "booking" and is the Commissioner, so you may be right, but we don't know that 100%.  I am in agreement with you that it's silly to put that show out the same time as Wrestlemania but perhaps they will also do a matinee or just make it available for VOD that morning.

With WWE putting 25,000 in the building for Tampa, how quickly will the show sell out?

If today's pre-sale sells out immediately, that's a good gauge of how popular the show will be.  Losing a massive portion, if not all, of the international fans, will make it a lot harder for WWE to sell out, even with the smaller group of seats available.  I know the ancillary events taking place around Mania are not moving tickets anywhere near normal, so that in itself may not be a great sign for an immediate sellout.

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