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By Mike Johnson on 2021-03-15 13:22:00

Several WWE sources confirmed today that the first WWE NXT episode coming out of Wrestlemania 37 weekend is currently scheduled to be held and broadcast on Tuesday 4/13.

There had been rumors to this effect in recent weeks, stemming from a report from The Mat Men Podcast.

At the time, WWE did not respond to the reports (and still have not) but we are told that the production calendar for Wrestlemania week currently lists the 4/13 taping date. 

So, while we do not have confirmation of a permanent move, all signs point to the Wednesday Night Wars indeed ending next month.  The move would separate NXT and AEW, allowing each series to stand on their own accord with viewers.  NXT shifting to Tuesday would also allow for heavy promotion from the previous evening's episode of Monday Night Raw.

If NXT indeed moves to Tuesday permanently, that would place them opposite Impact Wrestling on AXS.  The smart money should be put on Impact moving to Thursday nights.  

NXT moving to Tuesday on 4/13 means nine straight days of original programming from WWE.

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