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By Dave Scherer on 2021-03-17 09:56:00

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I was a bit shocked... SHOCKED... you didn't mention Kenny screaming at Don to get into a 69 position, and them actually DOING IT, in the middle of the ring on the show with Eps. I just couldn't believe a world champion would do that in the middle of their ring. With all of their stupidity it ruins any type of credibility and made me embarrassed to be watching it. Mox running out without Eddie was lame too especially after their stellar promo before.

Eps dictates the content of the FMB (or at least most of it) and he covered the things that went wrong on the AEW PPV last weekend.  By the time he finished, it had slipped my mind that Omega did that.  I agree, it was ridiculous and embarrassing.  It served no purpose and unless there is another meaning I don’t know about it, it was just a terrible segment that should have never happened.  Even if there is another meaning, it was lost on me and I am sure I am not the only one.  The reason I really found it embarrassing is that they sold people a PPV for 50 dollars, saying they would get an explosion, they didn't get it and now the company is mocking what happened in the aftermath.  I don't get it.

For Tony Khan to say he was glad he had an out and what did people think would actually happen, since you don’t wanna hurt the talent or blow them up, is a pretty insulting comment to make after making it sound like it was going to be this big dangerous thing to happen and charging people $50 to see it. Maybe he shouldn’t advertise it if he can’t deliver it.

I remember when ECW tried doing a similar match and when it bombed, pun intended, Tod Gordon apologized to his fans.  That got him credibility.  I think the way Khan handled it did just the opposite.  If the match were advertised for free TV, maybe I could see him being as flippant about horrible way it ended but it was on PPV.  I think it’s fair to say that at least some people paid $50 just to see the explosion.  And those people felt ripped off.  For Khan to be flippant about it?  I just don’t understand his mindset and I think it will turn some fans off.  That could be part of why their audience dropped so badly last week.  We shall see.

Why did Eddie Kingston sell like he almost died at the end of the PPV? He would have and the company would been better off telling him to get up and no sell it instead selling it like he almost died.

That whole thing was a cluster, no doubt.  I felt bad for Kingston but you could make the case that he was face down, covering Mox, and heard the bang and didn’t see the dud happen, so he was left on an island by AEW.  Kingston did what he was supposed to do.  Tony Khan left him hanging.

Did I just hear Shane McMahon, on Monday Night Raw, make fun of people who stutter and call them “Stupid”?!  If so, is the creative team really sinking to that level?  I have been trying to give WWE another look lately, but I see that I was justified in not tuning into their product, and this time, I will not return.

Yep, that happened on the 3/8 Raw and it was embarrassing.  So, the company is anti-bullying but one of the members of the family that owns it used a stutter to mock Braun Strowman’s intelligence.  It was so hypocritical and should never happen again.

With the returns to the US of Pete Dunne and Alexander Wolfe, it seems WWE feels it’s safe to resume international travel, which means it’s time to do something about the two cruiserweight titles. What do you think of a best of 5 unification series? I’m thinking the first match on NXT UK, Escobar going over in Jordan’s yard; the second in NXT US, Jordan over Escobar; a match each on Raw and Smackdown to tie the series, and the final at WrestleMania. I’d like to see Jordan go over since he never lost his title in the first place, then there’s a number of guys he could defend against across all brands, so a touring WWE (not just NXT) World Cruiserweight Champion who could have great matches on any show.

We should know more tonight when Jordan Devlin shows up on NXT.  You could definitely go that way but to me, Devlin is the champ.  He never lost the belt and Santos Escobar only got a chance to carry the Title on an interim basis.  So to me, it should be one match to decide the champion and it should happen Mania week on one of the Takeover shows.

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