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By Dave Scherer on 2021-03-15 10:00:00

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Does NXT potentially switching to Tuesday Night depend on if NBC renews some form its NHL deal? As NBC has already lost apart of it to ESPN.

WWE has shown no desire to move the show away from AEW, where it's effectively sapping at least some of the audience from Tony Khan's promotion.  I do think it will take a move from NBCU, such as putting a Wednesday night NHL game on USA, for NXT to move to Tuesdays.

I've had this question on my mind many times and again in the past couple of days when Andrade requested his release and it was denied. How can WWE legally deny someone their release? Is this a special clause in the contract or something that's common for contracts in the US? I can only compare it with my own contract (not a wrestler, for the record) and if I wanna go, I'm free to go after giving a few weeks notice. That's why this whole thing of WWE being able to "hold wrestlers hostage" is something I don't understand.

It sounds like your contract has an opt out clause that protects you.  Standard WWE contracts are written in WWE's favor, not the talent's.  So when someone wants to leave, they have to ask to be let out of the deal.

How would you rate Anthem's 4 year run as owner of TNA/Impact? I think they've been doing their best work now with AEW  & New Japan, but also with roster improvements. What would you highlight as major successes and major failures since they took over from Dixie as majority owner?

I think that after a rocky start, they have done a good job with the product.  I am glad they came along because if they hadn't that would have probably been the end of the company.

I have a question about contracts. How is it that wrestlers sign multi year deals but WWE can release them with 90 days notice yet the wrestlers can’t leave with 90 days notice? Are there many wrestlers who won’t have this 90 day release period in their contracts?

It seems that way because they are.  As I mentioned above, the standard contract is in WWE's favor.  Years and years of no real competition have allowed WWE to dictate the terms to most of their talents.  That's why wrestlers, and myself, are rooting for AEW to take the next step and compete with WWE on an even basis, or at least close to it.  That would give the workers some leverage when it came to getting a better deal.

So Christian came to AEW. I'm wondering about the usual 90-day no compete clause. Even if the Rumble was the last day on his contract, which was January 31. Last night was March 7. So with February in the middle that's only 35 days. Is there a reason Vince wouldn't have initialized the clause for Christian? Or maybe Christian didn't have a contract and instead was paid a one off for the Rumble?

It’s the latter.  They didn’t have him signed to the standard contract so he was able to go to AEW.

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