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By Oliver Taylor on 2021-03-13 19:55:00

Australian wrestlers Matty Wahlberg and Steph De Lander have signed with WWE for the NXT brand.

Wahlberg, real name Matt Farrelly, debuted in 2017 after training from Madison Eagles and New Japan Pro Wrestling star Robbie Eagles. He starred in the the Australian version of Survivor in 2019 and is considered one of the best wrestlers in Australia.

Wahlberg cut a promo to the live audience after the PWA Rumble main event at PWA Black Label’s It Started Out With A Kiss show on Friday went off the air to announce his departure.

Similarly, De Lander debuted the same year and was also trained by Madison. She has been wrestling for PWA since the start of the pandemic but has wrestled in various companies in America before, such as Black Label Pro, IWA Mid-South and SHIMMER Women Athletes.

Squared Circle Sirens previously reported that De Lander attended WWE’s female tryout at WWE’s Britain-based Performance Center in 2019. The duo will join the growing group of wrestlers from Oceania including Brendan Vink, Dakota Kai, Toni Storm and others in NXT.

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