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By Mike Johnson on 2021-03-13 10:00:00

Why was so much of Raw such a mess this week?  What was up with that Shane McMahon segment?

As we discussed in the Elite section, the most likely reason is that they didn't finalize the script until 7:45 PM.  What was up was it was a badly executed segment.  I can't even begin to fathom what what were trying to get done.  

I am watching an old Clash of Champions and it appears Sting broke his leg or something climbing a cage?  How did that happen?

He tore his ACL climbing a cage during the main event of Clash of Champions X - Texas Shootout.  It was just a freak thing and kept him out of the ring from January to July 1990.

How is it WWE hasn't hired Prince Nana to be part of Apollo Crews' new persona?

I have ZERO idea. You would think Nana would be a natural for that role given his legitimate royal title in Ghana and the role he's played for the last 20 years in Ring of Honor and elsewhere.

Is it really a good idea to push Edge's first match on Smackdown a week in advance when the last time he was advertised for every WWE TV show, the ratings dropped across the board?

It's an interesting point that you bring up.  I would argue that in this case, he's involved in a strong storyline with Jey Uso, Daniel Bryan and Roman Reigns, so you would hope the audience would at least stay steady.

Where is Jimmy Uso?

Still recovering from an ACL tear and subsequent surgery.

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