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By Mike Johnson on 2021-03-12 16:38:00

WWE star Andrade, who has not been utilized since the most recent WWE Brand Draft, requested a release from the company this past Monday. first reported the story. has independently confirmed the request with multiple sources, one of whom described Andrade as looking "absolutely miserable" at Raw this past Monday.

Andrade, 31, last performed for the company in October 2020 on an episode of Raw, losing to Angel Garza.   While he was never "officially" drafted, the plan was for him to eventually land on the Raw roster.    He has been signed to WWE since 2015 and had a great run as NXT Champion while paired with the former Zelina Vegas, Thea Trinidad, who was released last year.

Andrade, who is engaged to Charlotte Flair, has removed all mentions of WWE from his social media.

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