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By Dave Scherer on 2021-03-14 10:00:00

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So AEW signed Paul Wight, a guy who’s done a gimmick, 3 times in his career, of being slammed on the ring so hard, it implodes.  I’m guessing he has an idea of how the ring is set up to do that.  Do you think he could’ve been consulted about that how trick works for an “exploding ring” thats main eventing a pay per view?

I honestly don't know how much Wight would have been involved in the set up of the ring.  That's more of a ring crew thing.  He may know the basics but he wasn't out there setting it up.  Plus a collapsing ring is different than an exploding ring.

And it's been a good 3 to 4 years since we’ve seen it, how would you have reacted if you saw the ring collapse in the end with a sonic boom sound over the PA, and maybe some smoke coming from under the ring as it collapsed, instead of what we got?  How do you think the audience would’ve reacted?

That would have been a lot better than what actually happened, for sure.  That finish, wow.

When ECW did the exploding ring and had a debacle like that, I remember Tod Gordon apologized to the fans.  Tony Khan said it went off as planned and then made it into a joke on Dynamite.  If you were the booker, which way would you have handled it?

I would have handled it like Tod did.  This will shock no one who knows me as I love Tod Gordon and he is a brother to me, in part because we think very similarly.  My take would have been I asked people to pay $50 to see a spectacle and I didn’t deliver it, so I would have apologized to the fans for that and done whatever I could to make up for it.

AEW brings in Christian, a guy that WWE didn't even bother to sign to a contract, and vaulted him into the AEW Title picture on his first Dynamite.  What happened to working your way up to a Title shot, and does it look bad that AEW put an older guy that WWE didn't even want to sign in that position?

Here’s the thing, I love Christian.  He has always been a great worker and a talent that I enjoy watching.  But I agree with you, vaulting him right into the Title picture?  I don’t like that at all.  It’s not fair to the talent that have been there week in and week out during the pandemic.  I think Christian should have showed he still has what it takes to be in the Title picture at 47 years old before being vaulted into a Title shot, especially after AEW promised a big surprised that came off as underwhelming to many of their fans.

My not so serious question is how long until AEW does a Christian vs Brian, Cage vs Cage... in a Cage match?  More seriously: do you see any issue with 2 guys having the same surname on 1 roster?

I hope not, I watched Sting take a powerbomb from Brian Cage.  I don't want to see Christian Cage do the same.  As for the name, yes it is a bit clunky but there isn't that much that they can do about it.

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