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By Mike Johnson on 2021-03-12 10:00:00

I find it very curious that the NWA hasn’t announced any women for their next series of shows.  Any ideas as to why and if they will have Serena Deeb, Melinda, Thunder Rosa, etc. on?

I believe it’s just that they haven’t announced talents yet.  Remember they have yet to announce one match yet.  Deeb is currently out after a knee surgery, so not sure if she will be there.  Thunder Rosa, to the best of my knowledge, remains under contract to the NWA so one would think she would be there.  In asking around, the belief is Melina will be there as whatever WWE deal she was going to sign was never consummated, so she is available to the NWA.

Who’s booking the tapings?  Dave Lagana?  Billy Corgan?  Nick Aldis?

The impression I get is that Nick Aldis will be the point person for the tapings, but at the end of the day, it’s Corgan’s show and he’s booking.  We are told Lagana is not involved.

What did you think of the Eddie Kingston excuse for the exploding ring not exploding?  Why didn't it blow up?

I don’t think anyone else could have pulled off the “flashback” of anxiety promo better than Kingston while still maintaining any sense of credibility.  The idea Omega and Callis were screwing with everyone works to an extent. From a storyline perspective, they did what they could and now they should distance as soon as possible.  The ring obviously didn't blow up due to a technical issue that led to what we saw.

What would have happened if The Inner Circle had actually turned on Jericho with all the other guys waiting in the wings???

That is a good question and something AEW should address.  Perhaps MJF wanted everyone to be a big super-group with him at the helm and when The Inner Circle remained loyal to Jericho, he had a “Plan B” with Tully and everyone remaining in wait “just in case” it didn’t go his way.  But, you bring a good point - AEW shouldn’t ignore that, even if they just have a throwaway line during a promo.

Does this mean Jericho is a babyface?  Why would they do this feud?

It certainly came off that way to me.  They still have a Wargames style match that never happened due to the pandemic and certainly they could build to the Blood and Guts deal.  As to why they did it, it was time to do something to shake the group up.  Turning Jericho also gives Omega another babyface to work with down the line.

Does New Japan World have an app to stream anywhere on TVs?

There is an Amazon Firestick app.  They do not, yet, have a Roku app.

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