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By Dave Scherer on 2021-03-07 10:00:00

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Why do I get the feeling that AEWs big surprise at Revolution is going to be a letdown if it’s not CM Punk or Brock Lesnar? All the other likely choices won’t created any buzz at all and will just come off as another ornament Tony Khan spent a lot of money on rather someone who who can work more than once in a while.

Because it will be? As I said in the Tip Sheet I HATE when any company promotes a big surprise.  It gets people thinking it will be something great and if it’s only something good, it’s a let down.  Plus, it’s bad enough when it’s done on free TV but when it’s a PPV teaser, where people spend big money to watch the show?  I think you HAVE to deliver something huge when you tease a “hall of fame level talent”.

If Christian is the major surprise is kind of a let down? If he’s in the ladder match then that’s fine but if he’s the hall of fame worthy surprise then that feels like a let down.

There have definitely been rumors it will be Christian and if it is, yes I agree that given the speculation, it will be a let down.  On the other side, if it is him, and he just showed up unexpected, it would have gotten over much better.  If people aren’t expecting something big, that would resonate.

WWE is in the position this year to headline one night of Wrestlemania with Sasha Banks vs. Bianca Belair.  I get that there are probably about 3 of 4 matches that are worthy of the two main event spots, but is the significance of having two African-American women headlining Wrestlemania too great to pass up?

Two things, one yes they are worthy of headlining one of the nights and I think they should, on merit.  I don’t like the idea of putting in that spot just because of skin color though.  That seems like pandering to me, bad karma.

At a time when racial stereotypes are in the forefront of the news for all the wrong reasons (eg. Dr. Seuss, Aunt Jemima, etc.), is it a bad look to give Apollo Crews a spear and an African accent, which we all know he doesn't really have?

To be fair, his parents are from Nigeria so it’s not a stretch to play off of that.  With that said, I didn’t need the accent or the over the top stereotypical stuff (but hey, it’s Bruce Prichard and Vince McMahon, what should we expect?).  I think the character can be done very well without adding the goofiness to it.

If Ric Flair's retirement weekend was the best planned retirement celebration ever, is Kurt Angle's retirement the most lackluster?

They could have done more for Angle, for sure.  If it ends up he is the surprise tonight?  Well I guess they will be happy that they didn’t do more!

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