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By Dave Scherer on 2021-03-08 10:01:00

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Logic… I’m at a loss how a billion dollar company, that produces prime time TV content can be so lackluster with logic. Retribution have spent 6 months wanting to destroy the company. Braun Strowman is telling one of the ‘owners’ on TV he sucks and has a problem with him. All of the above are then Shane McMahon’s lumberjacks for Lashley vs Miz.  Please explain why ANY person in that booking process, did not catch that and say ‘umm this makes no sense’?

Every single person on Creative could say that.  As long as Vince McMahon thinks it makes sense, they go with it.

I think The Acclaimed can be a big deal in the industry for years to come if they stay healthy and well booked. Both are in great shape, have a good look, are handsome, have cool gear, and are good on the mic. Platinum Max could be the next John Cena with a little luck! What is your assessment of The Acclaimed? Are you high on them? Do you think they have a bright future?

I think they have a chance, which at their age is all you can ask for.  Max definitely has the rap gimmick down.  If he can connect with younger viewers, that would help a lot.

In your opinion, do you believe WWE will ever be able to graduate or rise up to your level of journalism?  It is desperately needed.  After reading the unfortunate news about Jim Crockett's passing and your comments on your website, it would encourage someone to subscribe to the network to learn more about what he meant and how important he was.  After reading WWE's statement about his passing, it makes the same person want to save the $10 per month.  I get that they want to target young kids, but can't that be reserved for the ring and backstage promos and perhaps their PR can target adults?  What prevents them from writing something close to and resembling what you wrote when important and unfortunate matters such as these occur?

Honestly?  I don’t see WWE ever doing that.  It’s not their priority.  They use their website to push their agenda, for the most part.  It’s a marketing arm.  They could bring in people to write pieces but that isn’t what they are trying to do.  Their version of history is, well, their version of history!

Here's a question I've had on my mind for quite a while now.  I've always wondered why AJ Styles was able to make his debut at the Royal Rumble and immediately have a spot on the main roster, whereas other wrestlers with similar credentials were not.  I know AJ Styles was pretty much the best in the business at that point, but people like Samoa Joe, Shinsuke Nakamura, Finn Balor, etc, were very close to his level.  What made Vince decide to treat AJ differently from those other guys?    

AJ was in the position to negotiate the deal he received.  He was a big enough name that he said he wanted to go on the main roster, and WWE agreed.  The others were not.

Can one make a good argument that four wrestlers--Roman Reigns, Randy Orton, Drew McIntyre and Asuka--have carried the WWE during the pandemic with consistent appearances, strong performances and compelling story lines? If so, why?

Absolutely.  Why?  For the reasons you stated.  The first three were there throughout and put in great work.  Once Roman came back, he became the most compelling person in the company.  They were definitely superstars for WWE, and I mean in the real sense of the word not the WWE version.

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