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By Mike Johnson on 2021-03-04 10:00:00

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With Daniel Bryan having invoked the name of CM Punk on Talkin' Smack lately and saying he's taking back the moniker of Best in the World, am I wrong to assume this could be step one in the return of CM Punk and that he'll possibly be wrestling Bryan at Wrestlemania?  It's not like his name is freely tossed around on WWE TV, not even after he was on the FOX show.  Am I becoming one of those wacked out conspiracy types you see on Twitter or is this within the realm of possibility?

Unless CM Punk has signed elsewhere or has a film/TV show filming at the same time, it's certainly within the realm of possibility.  There would need to be a major mending of the bridges but as Punk told me when I interviewed him live on PPV, he said he wouldn't not listen to WWE if they called.  So, if the two sides can come to terms and make each other a ton of money, certainly it's possible.  That doesn't mean this will happen but it's possible.

I'd like to start reading some of the wrestling books out there but at this point, there are so many I have zero idea where to start.  Suggestions?

I would go with the first Mick Foley autobiography, the Ric Flair autobiography, Bret Hart's autobiography and The Dynamite Kid autobiography.  They are all great introductory choices in my opinion.

I don't understand why out of all the EVOLVE talents, WWE hasn't grabbed JD Drake?

That's an odd one to me as well.  Unless there is some sort of injury we don't know about, he's such a strong and unique talent I can't imagine not having him on my roster if I am promoting.  He has been appearing on AEW Dark of late, so perhaps he'll end up signed here.

Has there been any word about AXXESS or the WWE Hall of Fame?

There's been some chatter that Hall of Fame will take place but it will be a mostly Thunderdome style audience.  That said, nothing has been announced as I write this so it can go either way.  I can't imagine AXXESS will happen when we are just two months out and there's still no word on how they will handle Wrestlemania's live audience.

I seem to remember a British guy calling out Undertaker on WWE TV and then disappearing.  What was that?

It was a character that was discarded.  Hade Vansen was the name of the talent.  After it aired, Vince McMahon decided they didn't want to go in that direction and Hansen was soon after released.  I don't believe Vansen remained in the business after that.

Whatever happened to Mike Kruel from the NYC independents?  He was pretty damn great.

He was.  He was under a WWE developmental deal but when he was cut, he opted to leave the business and never looked back.  He deserved a lot better than he got given the level of acumen he had in the business.   I think he would be a great interview subject.

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