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By Dave Scherer on 2021-03-01 10:00:00

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Who is in charge of the logic at WWE? I obviously ask rhetorically. Edge complains about Daniel Bryan possibly receiving a title shot before Wrestlemania as he won the Royal Rumble. This not long after Elimination Chamber when six men fought to receive a title shot and Edge had spoken to most of them about them being the Main Event.  It just baffles me. Why would Edge agree to this?

That would be Vincent Kennedy McMahon in charge of logic. Why would Edge agree, if I am being logical?  Well, at the end of the day he still has the main event of WrestleMania so in the end, does it matter who he faces?  Sure, he would love to beat Roman, but at the end of the day, he won the right to fight for a Title at Mania and he will still do that.

How much of a match do commentators know in advance? Do they ever go in blind and call what they see or do they know the outcome as well as how the bout is going to go, like big spots and such. I've always been curious and has it changed a lot since the Gordon Solie, Bob Caudle days to Michael Coles, Tony Schiavone and others of today. Takers streak comes to mind, did the commentary know in advance that Brock was going to win?

In today’s business in general an announcer can know as much or little as he/she wants.  Jerry Lawler famously loved to call what he saw, with no prior knowledge.  On some rare occasions the announcers are told to call what they see to keep surprises from getting out.

The way things are going on RAW.... please please please tell me we are not having Shane O’Mac making his power trip and have a Wrestlemania match ? Because it certainly pointing at him vs Braun...... please tell me it’s not happening ? I would prefer (and many fans too) to see Ricochet have a match or Nakamura, Ali,  Murphy, etc..... your thoughts ?

If/when Shane wrestles, it’s not him forcing anything, it’s his dad wanting a McMahon on the show and Shane being happy to do it.  Vince books based on what he thinks people want to see and to be fair, say what you want about Shane but a lot of fans love him and want to see him wrestle.

Tony Khan said recently that winning Booker of the Year was his lifelong dream.  Would you ever say that winning a wrestling award from anyone was your lifelong dream?

Honestly?  No, I can’t say that it has ever been a lifelong dream.  But to be fair unlike Tony, I was born with nothing so my goal was to always marry a great woman, have a great family and start a successful business.  I am lucky enough to say I achieved my dream.  If his dream was to win booker of the year I am glad for him that he achieved it.  We all want different things out of life.

I saw one of your colleagues claims that all of the top bookers learned their craft from reading his work.  One, do you believe that and two do you feel the same way about your work?

I heard Jim Cornette speak on this on his YouTube channel and I think he nailed it perfectly.  For an in-depth response, go there because I agree with everything Jim said.  What we do here is report news and give our opinion on booking.  We don’t book and we don’t teach booking.  In essence, we fantasy book.  It’s easy to say that this guy should beat that guy but we do it in a vacuum.  Is the guy we want to win hurt?  Is he going to take time off?  Is he dealing with personal issues?  We don’t know all of that so we book in a vacuum.  Beyond that, we all like what we like.  Right now, my favorite show is NXT UK.  I can sing the praises all day long on the site but if I am singing to, say, Tony Khan in AEW, he has a much different vision than I do.  So will he learn his craft from me?  No, he might listen to things I say and agree with some of them and maybe incorporate them but we don’t teach bookers their craft.  That is like saying that movie critics teach filmmakers how to make movies.

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