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By Dave Scherer on 2021-02-28 10:00:00

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Are some people in AEW still been paid by WWE? Guys like Jim Ross and Chris Jericho never shut up talking about WWE. Surely with the amount of marketing they do for WWE they are owed a paycheque or 2. Either that or they’re doing some sort of community service.

Couple of things, one they are not being paid by WWE, obviously.  Two, AEW likes to reference WWE and it makes sense, they are chasing the leader.  To be honest, anyone following AEW already knows about WWE.  I don’t see the mentions helping WWE at all.

Once the pandemic is over, I have this nightmare of Vince not letting real people back into The ThunderDome for TV.  The way things are right now, he has what he's always wanted.  COMPLETE control over the show, including the reactions of the audience.  Thoughts?

As much as he would like complete control of crowd reactions, he likes the money a house filled with fans brings in much, much more.  There is no way he would do what you suggested so you can put that nightmare to bed.

I just read that Tony Khan said Sting has indeed been cleared to wrestle in AEW.  If I remember correctly, Sting was diagnosed with Spinal Stenosis after his last match with Seth Rollins in WWE back in 2015. I believe it was said at the time, the only way this could be cured/ameliorated (to have him wrestle again) was with some sort of invasive surgery. Did Sting actually have this surgery? Without it, he was disqualified from further action in WWE. If he did have the surgery, why didn't he ever wrestle again in WWE? If he didn't, why would AEW let him wrestle in their company in 2021? It screams of irresponsibility by AEW if their medical "standards" for allowing a 62 year old treasure compete again were thought of as less than compared to the WWE. While I wanted him to face the Undertaker during his WWE tenure, I'm glad he eventually had a run regardless. I AM NOW VERY CONCERNED - I DO NOT WANT TO SEE ONE OF MY FAVORITES OF ALL-TIME PARALYZED, OR WORSE YET - KILLED, ON NATIONAL LIVE TV BECAUSE AEW IS FINE WITH LOOKING THE OTHER WAY!

Your thoughts please......

I have said the exact same thing so I am 100 percent in agreement with you.  A senior citizen with a spinal issue should not be taking big bumps.  I am just hoping nothing bad happens.

Any word on Samoa Joe’s return to the ring?

Mike Johnson and I talked about Joe on our show this week.  From what we have been told, he’s recovering from an injury.  Frankly, I love him at the announce booth.  I hope he considers transitioning.  He could be on the mic for many years to come.

The Young Bucks named their finisher after Dave Meltzer.  Did they name Being The Elite after PWInsider, or is it just a coincidence?

I honestly don’t know, you would have to ask them.  All I know is we have been using the Elite name a lot longer than they have.

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