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By Mike Johnson on 2021-02-26 11:14:00

New Japan Pro Wrestling has entered into negotiations with several different major television outlets for a potential series on United States television, can confirm. 

Some of the discussions are with new players who have just come into the fray,  While there had been interest from at least one outlet going back to early last year, the recent KENTA angle on AEW TV as well as the media response to NJPW on The Roku Channel has upped the interest from potential broadcast homes for NJPW.

It appears that just as the FOX deal with WWE opened up the landscape to shift towards more interest in professional wrestling on TV, setting the stage for AEW to acquire their deal with WarnerMedia, the recent WWE Network-Peacock deal has lead to a renewed interest from broadcasters seeking to see what is available on the pro wrestling landscape.  As we reported several days ago, MLW is also in the middle of negotiations for a potential new deal.

More on the NJPW front as we confirm it.


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