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By Mike Johnson on 2021-02-26 10:00:00

One of the big talk on the Internet today was Tony Khan and AEW winning so many awards in the Wrestling Observer awards, which made me wonder if and when PWInsider will do year end awards again?  Thoughts on AEW winning so many awards?

We stopped doing the year-end awards a few years ago partially because of time contraints and partially because an attempt to open them up to more independent names and talents lead to fans of those promotions pretty much spamming the polls.  But, you are right and it's something we'll try to bring back for 2021.  As far as Tony Khan and AEW getting lauded by The Observer Awards, great for them.  They have a very vocal fanbase that loves what they do and they should celebrate it if they love it.  There's no argument Khan and AEW changed the culture of pro wrestling over the last few years in my eyes, specifically with giving younger talents a chance to go out and prove themselves on a major league scale.  Khan has built something that no one the last several decades in pro wrestling has come close to, so it will be interesting to see how they continue to grow and evolve.

What do you think were the best shows last year?

For WWE, The Royal Rumble.  For AEW (and for the year), The Dynamite episode that paid tribute to the late Brodie Lee was the best thing all year in professional wrestling.

Miz winning the title is almost 10 years between world title reigns. Aside from Bob Backlund, I am trying to think of other wrestlers that had that long of a gap between reigns. The Rock was 11 years (2002 - 2013) Hulk Hogan was 9 years (1993 - 2002) between title reigns in WWE. Any others?

Those are the four champions who had the longest time periods between their championship runs.  Miz would be 4th longest.

Do you think we'll ever get back to when wrestlers had animals with them regularly again?

No, I think there's more of an understanding about how the travel, handling and use of the animals in that setting is pretty cruel and I doubt we'll ever see them used consistently like that again.  Like the wrestling bears of old, the usage was a byproduct of a different time and mentality and I'd like to hope we've grown beyond that.

Are Nick Khan and Tony Khan related?

I am told there is no relation.

Why would WWE sign a massive billion dollar Peacock deal and then tell employees they can't have raises, etc.?

We are told one had zero to do with the other and it was a case of those overseeing the financials now not liking where the company was after the most recent earning reports and making hard moves to protect those numbers as they head toward reporting the first quarter of 2021.

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