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By Mike Johnson on 2021-02-25 10:00:00

Why has there not been any announcement about Wrestlemania ticketing?

I would guess that WWE doesn't have any final determination as to what their plans are.  I know they sent staff to the Super Bowl to check out how everything went logistically and they were working on deciding a course of action but I don't believe they should rush to make anything public until they need to.  As we have learned with the pandemic, things change REALLY quick.

Would you go to Wrestlemania?

If I am vaccinated and there is a need for me to be there for the site, yes.  If I am not vaccinated, not happening.

Watching the WCW 1991 War Games PPV and there's a spot where Sid Vicious power bombs Flyin' Brian twice and he's knocked out and the referee stops it.  Then El Gigante runs in to stop it, so if Brian wasn't knocked out what would have been the finish?

That was actually the planned finish, except Pillman was legitimately KO'd.

Where is Christy Hemme?

Raising her family and still making occasional appearances.

Do you see more WWE on NBC going forward to push the Peacock deal?

It is quite possible we could see that.  I think that if Peacock doesn't do some sort of promotional push, that would be completely silly.  They are paying for an asset and should do everything they can to make money off of it.

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