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By Kendall Jenkins on 2021-02-23 13:07:00

What makes a great mobile app? Of course, the purpose that it was built for and the performance statistics that it handles the task at. However, the prime aspect that you should focus on when building a mobile app -whether for Android or iOS – is to check out the design of the app so that you can improve the user experience. 

5 Best design tips for a better user experience

The design of a mobile app plays a major role in improving and enhancing the user experience from the customer’s point of view. Adopting a few good and effective mobile app development design parameters can prove to be much effective in an enhanced level of comfortability when using the app. 

Keep the navigation simple 

A simple and easy navigation provides an easy and simpler way to switch between screens. One of the best options from this perspective is to stick to the One Screen One task functionality. Cramming a screen with multiple options for several tasks can be confusing. It should be remembered that not every mobile user is an expert in using complex navigation. Given the small size of a mobile screen, it is quite essential to focus on improving the user experience by limiting the tasks per page. 

Focus on the loading speed 

An app that takes a longer loading time can be a strict No-No. This can result in a very bad user experience and can make your users move away from the app or even uninstall it right away! A delay of even 3 seconds is bound to increase the bounce rate by around 30%. Never create an app that needs a huge bandwidth. Mobile phones cannot be expected to get a good internet speed at all times. That should explain why mobile app development companies in the world focus on reducing the bandwidth requirements to the best possible extent. 

Create an option to make the actions recognized 

When you click an item within the app, there should be an option that simply ascertains that the action has been performed. There should either be an indicator in the change in the color of the action button, or a sort of communication through the text or a tick mark. Even when it involves a refresh of the page, introduce something that indicates that the page is refreshing. Without such an indication, users may be under an impression that the app has frozen or not working. Yet another benefit of such action is that it creates an illusion that the app is working faster. 

Use simple fonts 

Using a fancy font for the app makes it appear quite childish. Of course, if it is a gaming app or involves some sort of gamification of a task, a fancy font may be justified. However, for most of business applications, it is highly recommended to use standard fonts or even a few fonts that may be decent and professional. Let the fonts all through your application be decent in their appearance. Using too many different fonts can confuse your users and ruin the user experience. Make sure that the font you use is extremely legible and easy to understand. 

Focus on a responsive design 

There are several devices available in the market and each of them come with their own specific design element. While all iOS devices come with a standard interface, the Android interface is largely differentiated by manufacturer preferences. That way, you are likely to end up finding your app different on a few specific devices. The app should be able to respond to the device specifications and offer a seamless and similar experience and interface irrespective of the device that it is being used on. 

Well, conceptualizing an app and developing it with the most advanced features may be of prime importance. But the design of the app acts as your communication channel for a better degree of performance as long as your specific app is concerned. If you have a bad design, the app may not receive the kind of patronage you expect even when it packs in a huge range of features and practical usage conditions. It may be quite practical and a great idea to check out a few good resources on how to design your app so that your app will be able to get great traction.

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