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By Steven Fernandes on 2021-02-23 14:26:00

Sportico reported that Alpha Entertainment filed amended counterclaims against Oliver Luck in Connecticut federal district court last Friday. 

The article notes "Among new allegations brought against Luck, Alpha insists that Luck “repeatedly” engaged in the unauthorized disclosure of confidential XFL information to his brother-in-law, William Wilson. Wilson was a prominent NFL agent at Wasserman Media Group, where he served as executive vice president and co-head of the football division (he has since become CEO and Secretary General of U.S. Soccer). Luck is accused of sharing “XFL requests for proposals, meeting notes, presentations, draft contracts, and analysis of players” as well as “attorney-client privileged information . . . including draft contracts and analysis of contracts.” He allegedly disclosed these purported trade secrets and sensitive materials without McMahon’s consent."

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