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By Anthony Pires on 2021-02-22 17:52:00

Quinn McKay welcomes us to Week 1 of ROH's Championship Edition series.  A big 2 weeks for Shane Taylor, as he and the Soldiers of Savagery finally get their long awaited ROH World Six Man Tag Team Championship.  No personality profiles to kick things off as we go right to Ian Riccaboni and Caprice Coleman.

Kenny King and Dragon Lee w/Amy Rose vs. Jay & Mark Briscoe in a number 1 contender's match

It's Mark Briscoe and Kenny King starting things off.  Lockup into a go behind by Mark, King turns it into a side headlock takedown. Mark reverses it into a hammerlock, King tugs the beard and uses the leverage to go back to the headlock.  Mark breaks it and nails a forearm.  Dragon Lee and Jay Briscoe tag in, standing switch by Jay, Lee elbows his way out. Aggressive lock up, Jay sends Lee into the corner, Lee with a big chop and a hurancanrana. Mark tags back in and Jay doesn't seem too pleased with that.  Collar and elbow, Mark with a big chop of his own.  They take turns laying those chops in.  King with the blind tag, he and Lee stomp MArk in the corner.  Kenny with ground and pound for a one count.

Side headlock by Mark, this time it's Jay with the blind tag and they put the boots to King.  They throw King out and work him over.  Mark with a Cactus Jack elbow to the floor on King as we head to commercial.

We're back and Mark is pounding away at King.  King with an eyerake and they both go down as a result of a double clothesline.  Lee and Jay tag in and they exchange hard forearms.  Jay with a running clothesline into the corner but Lee gets right in his face.  Lee fires back and takes Jay down with a double underhook drop.  Jay catches him off the ropes and hits the Spicoli Driver.  Mark tags in and rund into a boot but hits a Michinoku Driver for 2.  Jay tags in.  King prevents a double team superplex.  By doing so, Lee is able to connect with a double stomp on Jay and a tope to the outside on Mark.  Lee with another double stomp on Jay for 2.  King tags in and hits a neck and leg suplex.  King with a leg submission and Mark breaks it up with a Froggy Bow.  All 4 men in the ring exchanges punches.  Mark with  dropkick off the ropes.  Reverse rana by Dragon Lee.  Lee with a knee strike on Jay, he tries to hit a rana on Mark on the apron but Mark counters with a powerbomb.  Jay with a neckbreaker to King.  Mark to the top rope but the referee is distracted by Amy Rose.  Flip Gordon springs to the top rope and nails a superkick on Mark.  King rolls up the surprised Jay Briscoe for the pin.

Winners: Kenny King and Dragon Lee (will face Jonathan Gresham and Jay Lethal for the ROH World Tag Team Titles.  The Foundation has been granted the stipulation that the match will be contested under Pure Rules)

As the Briscoes leave, EC3 comes out and goes into a soliloquy about the moral decay of our society.  He says he respects Jay Briscoe as he never bowed down to the evils of society.  EC3 asks Jay if he'll honor his wrath and tells him he's free, freer than he'll ever know.  Jay seems very intense over the speech.

Bateman w/Veda Von Star vs. Mike Bennett

Someday we'll get that UWN World Title Match with Bennett and Chris Dickinson.  Spear by Bennett, he stomps Bateman in the corner. Ian tells us this match will be contested under Relaxed Rules, as ROH will be instituting these in grudge matches. They brawl on the outside and Von Star gets in Bennett's face,  Bateman with a knee off the distraction, he beats Bennett down and slingshots him against the actual foundation of the ring.  Todd Sinclair checks on Bennett as we go to commercial.

We're back and Bennett has recovered, nailing a superkick and running forearm for 2.  they take turns exchanging chops and take each other down with simultaneous forearms.  Bateman catches a superkick and counters with a back elbow and them a spinning elbow.  Brainbuster for 2.  Boot to the face by Bateman but Bennett counters with a spear and piledriver for the pin.

WINNER: Mike Bennett

Matt Taven attacks Bateman and the OGK sets Bateman up with the wooden board to break his ankle.  Taven grabs the mic and says he won't break Bateman's leg if Vincent agrees to a fight.  On the screen, Vincent tells him that Taven has no power in ROH.  The answer is "no".  Taven swing the chair, presumably breaking Bateman's ankle.

Maria Kanellis-Bennett joins the broadcast team

ROH World Six Man Tag Championship: Shane Taylor Promotions (challengers- Shane Taylor and the Soldiers of Savagery) vs Mexisquad (Rey Horus, Flamita and Bandido- Champions)

 Code of Honor adhered to.  All six just start batting to the outside.  Taylor with a forearm to Bandido, Kaun and Flamita exchange blows before becoming the de facto legal men. Bandido tags in, as does Moses and Bandido with a high dropkick.  Moses counters with a standing bodyblock.  Moses misses a clothesline and Bandido with a stunner.  Taylor tags in as does Horus.  Horus with a series of kicks.  He evades Taylor and clotheslines him on the top rope.  Taylor blocks a hurancanrana but Horus escapes the power bomb.  Nevertheless, Taylor connects with a pop up facebuster as we go to commercial.

We're back and a springboard tornado DDT by Horus to Moses, who tagged in.  Bandido and Taylor tag and exchange punches.  Taylor catches Bandido during a corkscrew attempt.  Flamita tags and nails a rana on Taylor.  Trifecta of Tope Suicidas by the champions.  They do it again and, this time, Shane Taylor Promotions goes down.  Flamita nails a 450 on Taylor for 2.  Mexisquad triple teams Kaun with a series of kicks and finally a leg sweep.  Helicopter for 2 by Flamita.  Pier six brawl  and Horus accidentally DDT's Flamita.  Moses with a cannonball to the outside.  Taylor with a splash for 2 on Flamita.  Taylor nails Welcome to the Land on Flamita and scores the pin.

WINNERS: Shane Taylor and the Soldiers of Savagery (NEW ROH WORLD SIX MAN TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS)

We go to credits. 

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