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By Mike Johnson on 2021-02-22 14:30:00

Scheduled for Wednesday's edition of AEW Dynamite is Rey Fenix vs. Lance Archer with the winner moving onto the Face The Revolution Ladder Match.  Given their different styles and how strong they have each looked in recent months, this is a match that in my mind, shouldn't be overlooked.  On paper, it sounds like a lot of fun playing off the classic speed and finesse vs. power and brawling motif but turned up to 11 given who we are talking about here.  I feel like this gets said all the time, but Fenix's athleticism and timing is so far off the charts and Archer has been picking up some nice momentum again in recent weeks.  Archer is always a great base for the aerial talents as well, so that allows for cool potential moments and spots for Fenix to look spectacular while fighting to overcome being mauled by Archer.  There's always fun to great matches in AEW but this is one that should probably not be overlooked based on the potential here.  I say that especially as all signs are that this will likely main event Dynamite, giving them a chance to really break through and solidify themselves as important cornerstones with a great performance.  As I said on last night's PPV audio, one thing that AEW does a lot of is giving a lot of talents, especially younger ones, a chance to sink or swim in order to find themselves and get important experience.  With Archer vs. Fenix, you have two talents who have that experience already but are being given a true shot here to steal the show and ascend to the next level.   If you are someone who is always looking for the diamonds in the rough that don't get enough attention or hype, that sounds like this match to me.

Also announced for this Wednesday's Dynamite on TNT,

*Jon Moxley vs. Ryan Nemeth.

*Hangman Adam Page vs. Private Parry's Isiah Kassidy with Matt Hardy.

*Team Taz's Ricky Starks & FTW Champion Brian Cage vs The Varsity Blondes.

*Jake Hager vs Brandon Cutler.

We have heard that Shaq has been training pretty hard for his AEW debut in recent weeks and is very much taking this seriously as he's long wanted to do a big pro wrestling match.  Tickets are on sale now for the 3/3 Dynamite in Jacksonville, including Shaq's tag bout at

AEW are now selling their Series 2 action figures at  There are a number of exclusives including the bloody Cody and Dustin Rhodes set at

Speaking of which, if you need your feel-good moment for the month, Santana's Tweet today is pretty much guaranteed to be it:

Former NWA World Champion Dory Funk Jr. was at last week's Dynamite taping.  

The latest Wrestling with the Week, featuring Scorpio Sky talking the Revolution Ladder Match, will drop around 4 PM EST.


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