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By Richard Trionfo on 2021-02-21 17:59:00

Welcome to’s live coverage of WWE’s Elimination Chamber Pay Per View from the Thunderdome in St. Petersburg, Florida.

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Your host if Charly Caruso and she is joined by Hall of Famer Booker T, Hall of Famer Elect John Layfield, and former 24/7 Champion Peter Rosenberg.

They run through the card, including the Kickoff Show match to determine who takes Keith Lee's place in the United States Championhip Match.

We talk about the Smackdown Elimination Chamber match and Charly reminds everyone that the winner has to face Roman Reigns right after the match ends.

Booker says you had to have a certain mindset when the Elimination Chamber started.  You need to put everything out of your mind.  It is not if, but when you are going to get hurt.  You have to throw all cautiion into the wind.

John says it is like a receiver going over the middle of the field and waiting to get hit.

Peter talks about how all parts of the chamber hurt.  Booker says he never excelled in matches like this because he was a one on one guy.  This match, you have to have a mentality to make history.  John says you have to survive to the end.  You cannot win at the beginning but you can lose at the beginning.  

Charly asks how does the person who wins going to do against Roman.

Peter brings up the idea of Jey Uso winning the match.

Booker says some people are willing to put themselves through the ultimate pain to become a champion.  John says you have to take risks to become a champion.

Charly asks for their picks.

John says the favorite doesn't have the best odds because it is against the field.  John picks Randy Orton.  Booker goes with Kevin Owens and Peter picks Daniel Bryan.

Charly says she was going to go with Daniel Bryan but she will pick Sami Zayn to give another pick.

Kayla Braxton is with Cesaro and he is asked about his momentum going into tonight's match.  

Cesaro says his favorite drink is espresso, a semingly simple drink, but it is not like any other coffee.  It takes a lot of time and practice to extract the perfect combination.  It will be his perfect show tonight.  He will win the match and then extract the Universal Title from Roman Reigns.  

Charly mentions Keith Lee's injury and that means we will have someone take his place in the United States Title match.  We take a look at Keith Lee's injury at the hands of Bobby Lashley two weeks ago.

Charly asks for picks for the Kickoff Show match.

Booker would rather talk about Bobby Lashley instead.  Booker says Bobby will eat whatever is put in front of him.  John says you can build the company around Bobby Lashley.

Charly brings in MVP to talk about the United States Title Match and whether it matters who takes Keith's place in the match.  Porter says it doesn't matter because we are talking about Bobby Lashley, a force of nature.  You need to call FEMA to take care of the wreckage and care for the damage.

Billie Kay shows up and she has her head shot and resume.  She tells him that she has qualfiications in business to be a part of the Hurt Business.  

Porter says he will look it over and they won't be in touch.

Charly mentions that Lacey Evans will not be competing because she is pregnant so there is no Raw Women's Championship Match.

Charly asks who is the father of Lacey's child.

Booker says his father was 59 when Booker was born so don't say that Ric Flair couldn't be the father.  

Charly asks who would face Asuka tonight.

Booker says there are a lot of people willing to step up.

Sonya Deville joins the panel.

Charly brings up the Women's Tag Title Match.  She asks Sonya for her thoughts on the match.

Sonya says that Shayna and Nia are a dominant team together, but Bianca is a huge rising star and Sasha is a seasoned vet.  Sonya says that she does not think Sasha plays well with others so the favor is in Nia and Shayna's favor.

We take a look at why the Women's Tag Match is happening from Smackdown.

Charly asks if Bianca teaming with Sasha will affect her decision.  Booker says it all goes out the window when it comes to the Wrestlemania match.  Sonya says that Bianca should pick Sasha.

The Street Profits show up to join the panel.  Montez apologizes for imposing but he says they want to know when they will get their rematch.  

Sonya asks if this is an appopriate time because she has an office.  Sonya says she was going to consider them for a future title match but why should she give them a match with this behavior.  Sonya mentions Otis and Chad but Montez and Angelo point out that they beat them already.

Sonya says they are a talented team but you have to respect authority and there are a lot of teams that are deserving.  When she sees fit, it will happen.

We go to ringside for our kickoff show match.

Match Number One:  John Morrison versus Mustafa Ali (with Slapjack, T-Bar, and Mace) versus Elias versus Ricochet for a Shot at the United States Championship

Ricochet goes after Ali but Morrison and Elias attack Ricochet.  Ricochet is Irish whipped and Ricochet floats over Elias and kicks Morrison.  Ricochet kicks Elias to the floor and Ali with a rollup to stop a springboard move.  Ricochet with a rollup for a near fall.  Morrison hits Ali on a cover.  Morrison with punches to Ricochet while Elias punches Ali.  Ricochet punches Ali and Morrison punches Elias.  Elias with a back elbow to Ali followed by forearms to Ricochet and a chop.  Elias tries to float over and he hits Ricochet with a mule kick.  Ali gets a near fall on Ricochet.

Ricochet with punches and chops to Ali.  Ricochet with a sunset flip and Ali rolls through and stomps on the ankle when Ricochet covers up.  Ali with a belly-to-back suplex for a near fall.  Elias hits Ali from behind.  Elias with a punch and jumping knee for a near fall when Slapjack pulls Elias off Ali.  Ricochet with an O'Connor Roll and a thrust kick.  Morrison goes to the apron and Ricochet kicks Morrison to the floor.  Elias with a sit out choke slam for a near fall.  Elias sends Ali over the top rope to the floor.

Morrison with a springboard round kick to Elias and then he hits Moonlight Drive on Ricochet for a near fall.  Morrison misses Starship Pain when Ricochet moves.  All four men are down in each corner.  Ricochet kicks Ali away and hits a rolling drop kick.  Ricochet with forearms to Elias and kicks to Ali and Elias.  Ricochet with a springboard quebrada to both men followed by a half nelson suplex for a near fall.  Ali with a tornado DDT on Elias but Ricochet with a 450 splash and Ali is pulled to the floor to prevent the three count.

Ricochet sees Retribution on the floor and Ricochet goes for a flip dive but T-Bar and Mace catch Ricochet and send Ricochet into the ring post.  John Morrison rolls up Ali for the three count.

Winner:  John Morrison

We go to commercial.

We are back and Charly asks how will Morrison do in the match.

Peter says he is looking forward to seeing what Riddle does in the ring.  He wants to see less jokes.  John says that Tyson Fury does the same goofy stuff that Riddle does, but he does not think that Lashley can be beat.  Booker says that John Morrison could be an X Factor.  He won the match because he was the most experienced in the ring.

Charly brings up how Morrison winning could affect Miz.

Booker says it is long overdue for Morrison to win a title.  It would be the icing on the cake for Morrison.

John says that Lashley is on too much of a roll.  Tonight is not Morrison's night.

Charly talks about the WWE Championship Elimination Chamber Match and we have a video package.

Charly asks for thoughts on the match.

John says that Orton is a survivor and if he can bet on Randy, he is his pick.  Whoever is in there doesn't have great odds because of who is in the match.  Peter says Drew is probably wondering how he could get the deal Roman got.  This is the biggest challenge of the year for a champion.  You have this match where you do not have the advantage.  Booker says you have to be lucky in this match. Sheamus became champion on multiple occasions but it is hard to do it again and again.  Remember what happened the last time Kofi was a replacement.  Orton is looking for another notch on his belt.  Jeff Hardy's story could blow up the internet if he wins.  Booker says he is not worried about Drew tonight.

Charly brings up the idea of Miz cashing in after the match.

Peter says this worked out perfectly for Miz.  

Charly suggests a MizTV on Monday with John Morrison as US Champion and Miz as WWE Champion.

Charly asks for picks for the match.  Booker T goes with Drew McIntyre.  John says he is picking Randy Orton.  Peter says he is picking Drew McIntyre.  Charly is picking Sheamus.

The Chamber Lowering Music plays as the Kickoff Show ends.

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