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By Dave Scherer, Mike Johnson and Richard Trionfo on 2021-02-21 11:56:00

WWE presents The Elimination Chamber PPV on Sunday night.  Here's our take on what will happen.

Elimination Chamber Match for Universal Championship Match against Roman Reigns later in the show: Jey Uso vs. Daniel Bryan vs. Kevin Owens vs. Baron Corbin vs. Cesaro vs. Sami Zayn.

Dave: Let's look at the no way guys, Corbin and Zayn.  Neither should even be in the conversation of winning.  Bryan?  Yeah, I could see it but to me he just isn't hot enough, especially after losing to Cesaro.  KO?  It would feel like a repeat at this point, though they could do the "Roman beat him again due to compromising circumstances", which unless it will lead to a big stip match at Mania, it just seems redundant.  Given how Roman played games to not work this match, it seems to me that they should use this match to set up his Mania opponent.  To me, there are two fresh options (assuming Edge does not pick Roman) and they are Jey and Cesaro.  At some point, Jey needs to buck up to Roman and if he won here, Roman could expect Jey to lie down for him but Jey could counter that he represents Roman, so he has to give it all he has, and then lose due to being beaten up by the Chamber.  Then, they could go on to Mania.  I wouldn't rush that though so if it's me, I have Cesaro run the gauntlet and then he fights Roman hard, but attrition catches up with him.  They could make him a big winner in a losing effort and it would fall in line with the recent push he has received.

Mike: If it was up to me, I'd have Daniel Bryan going all the way but I don't truly foresee WWE going in that direction, I like the idea of Cesaro going through the Chamber but then falling to Roman.  I could also see Jey Uso going the distance and then Roman making him lay down so they do some sort of angle with Edge to set up Mania.  On paper, this could be a lot of fun and really long.

Richard: There are two ways to go with this match.  You can have this match open the show and have Roman face the winner in the final match of the evening, or before the WWE Championship Chamber match; or you can have Paul Heyman prove why he is the master manipulator and he comes out after the chamber match opens the show and he says that the 'main event' happens when Roman is in the ring so, SPOILER, it's Main Event time and Roman faces a tired winner of this match.  If you go with option A, I would have Owens or Uso win since they are booked the strongest in storylines.  Cesaro or Bryan would be good options based on their in ring work, but they are not built as guys who should have a chance against Roman.  I would love for Cesaro to have a strong performance so they can make him Roman's opponent in the pay per views after Mania.  I don't see Zayn or Corbin as logical options in this scenario.  If we are going to go off the grid for this match, I say let Baron Corbin win this match (I am 100% sober as I type this) because of what I will describe in the actual Roman vs Winner match part of this Tip Sheet.

WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns vs. Elimination Chamber match winner.

Dave: Whoever comes out of the Chamber should have zero chance of beating Roman.  And, he should be too fresh for Miz to cash in on (and yes, it sucks that the stinkin' briefcase is still hanging over logic in the storylines).

Mike: As I noted above, I don't see Roman losing the belt here.  That would be so stupid.

Richard:  Since I would go with the Roman holds all the cards and the table is set to happen immediately after the Chamber Match to determine who faces him, I have Paul come out and do the stuff I said above and then we get a 45 second Corbin/Reigns match.  This way, there is no chance of Miz cashing in against a strong Roman and they don't weaken any of Roman's potential opponents in the future.  This is why I was not happy when Dominik and Rey lost to Corbin and Zayn because I would be replacing Corbin with Dominik in this situation.

Elimination Chamber Match: WWE Champion Drew McIntyre vs. Jeff Hardy vs. Kofi Kingston vs. Randy Orton vs. Sheamus vs. AJ Styles.  Sheamus will be the last man to enter the Chamber.

Dave: Who don't I see winning? Jeff, Kofi and AJ.  Love them all but you do not flip the Title to any of them this time of year.  I was really scared that they were going to have Orton win the Title, again, and set up him and Edge, again, but it appears they remember that he killed The Fiend and the dead man needs revenge.  That should be Orton's dance partner at Mania.  So to me it comes down to Drew and Sheamus, who has the huge advantage of coming in last.  If they plan to have Drew take on Edge, he needs to run the table and win here.  If Edge is going to Reigns?  Well I could see Sheamus getting the win here to pay off the, albeit rushed, storyline and those two face each other for the belt at WrestleMania.

Mike: If they take the title off Drew a month before Wrestlemania, that would be the goofiest idea ever.  I am with Dave in that we'll probably see Sheamus vs. Drew at Mania, but since they had Drew lose and regain the belt from Randy Orton already, no way should Drew be chasing.  Sheamus is great but they hadn't rebuilt him or built that story enough to maximize it in my mind.  I see this going super, super long and if it's me,  it comes down to Drew and Randy and then they can do some crazy special effects stuff to lead to Randy and Wyatt in an exploding death match or whatever.   Maybe have Sheamus removed against his will because of something he does before the match or that he gets "hurt" and is dragged out kicking and screaming.  Them after Drew wins, Sheamus can burst out and leave him laying with a Brogue Kick and get some legit heel heat.

Richard: With Sheamus being the final one to enter, it takes away a way to get to Sheamus and Drew in the future.  If Sheamus had to fight for 30 or more minutes and then fall short and get pinned by Drew, who was one of the last two into the match, then you have Sheamus talking about how he would have won if he was as fresh in the match as Drew and he wants the one-on-one match that Drew promised him.  I don't want to see whoever wins the match have to last the entire time since we had Edge win the Rumble and 1 and Bianca win it at 3.  Let someone sneak in with just enough to win.  Hardy, Styles, and Kofi can bounce around the chamber while Orton, Sheamus, and Drew are there to catch them.  Orton can have an Alexa distraction cost him and then as he is about to confront her on the stage, we see a graphic with the Fiend and making the challenge for the first night of Wrestlemania.  Kofi was just added and I don't see him winning the match since him and Woods are tied to Retribution at this point.  Drew retains to set up him versus Sheamus.  I wouldn't have Miz cash in but they can tease it and Sheamus gives Miz a Brogue Kick.

WWE United States Champion Bobby Lashley with MVP vs. Riddle vs. Keith Lee.

Dave: One of the few things that they have done right on Raw is the booking of Lashley.  He has been presented as a monster.  Riddle?  I know he is a bad man, but they portray him as a stoner goof.  Keith Lee?  Also a bad man but there is just nothing behind him due to the bad booking.  So if it's me, I have Lee close to winning and Riddle messes it up, Lashley retains.  But coming out of the match Lee was right there so he gets a singles match at Lashley.  If they elevate Lee properly, this could be a great feud.

Mike: They teased last week on Raw that Lee would be out due to injury, but he was backstage so we'll see what happens here.  I hate the triple threat deal when you have two babyfaces and one heel.  It just comes off backwards.  They have made Riddle look like such a goof outside the ring that to me, that should DQ him from a victory, but if he can bring what he brought against Lee a few weeks ago on Raw, that could be a lot of fun.  That leaves Lee (if he's in this) or Lashley as the victor.  I enjoy Lee's work and think he should be positioned stronger than he is, but if it's me, Lashley scores the win on Riddle.

Richard:  Bobby Lashley is the strongest booked champion on the Raw brand at this time.  They suggested that there could be a change to the match based on Keith Lee from what they talked about on Raw.  I hope he is in the match because I don't really care about a Lashley/Riddle singles match.  The biggest plus for this match is that they don't let Riddle speak.  I would keep the title on Lashley but if they do decide to change the title in this match, it has to be Lee.

WWE Women's Tag Team Champions Nia Jax & Shayna Baszler vs. WWE Smackdown Women's Champion Sasha Banks & Bianca Belair.

Dave: While I would love to see the belt come off of Nia, I don't see it happening here.  This just seems to be where Sasha and Bianca try to outdo each other, setting up their probable match at Mania.

Mike: I don't see a title change here.  This screams angle where Banks and Belair end up at odds and face each other.  It would be cool if they were trying to "out-do the other" and that is what ends up costing them the titles.  

Richard:  Since Reginald got the pin, why isn't he in the match?  Let him and Carmella challenge Nia and Shayna.  I think if they do change the titles, they wait until the 3rd with Cobra Kai.  This match should be used as the official start of our Night One Main Event at Wrestlemania between Sasha Banks and Bianca Belair.  Sasha and Bianca are close to winning and as Sasha is about to get the win, Bianca grabs Sasha and hits the KOD and then stands over Sasha and she tells her that she has made her decision and she will face Sasha at Wrestlemania.

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