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By Mike Johnson on 2021-02-14 18:33:00

Add Clint Barrow aka Harlem Bravado to the list of names recently signed to WWE for the NXT brand.

Originally trained by Delirious, Harlem and his brother Lance worked all over The United States, Japan and The UK for several years before Lance made the decision to retire from the business.

Since then Harlem, 31, had been a regular for PWX in the Carolinas as well as EVOLVE before that promotion shuttered last year.  He captured the PWX Sixteen Tournament in January 2020.

A new WWE NXT class is slated to report to the WWE Performance Center on 2/23, so one would think Bravado would be officiallly announced around that time.  Bravado joins Anthony Henry as another former EVOLVE and PWX regular to be recently signed for the NXT brand.

Earlier today, broke that Taya Valkrie and Eli Drake have also been signed to NXT deals.



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