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By Dave Scherer on 2021-02-14 10:00:00

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Quick thought I want to bounce off you.  Orton wins title at Elimination Chamber, Edge chooses Orton for WM and Drew gets Roman for WM (building off their fantastic Survivor match).  I just think at WM after all Roman and Drew have done this year, they deserve to headline.  If you guys want to discuss nest week, cool, but I wanted to share the thought while it was fresh.

In a vacuum, it would be cool.  But I think Drew deserves a Title match and win at Mania and if he takes on Roman, he loses.  If they want to make Survivor Series something special (and in front of fans), keep these two strong and book them in a Title vs. Title match there.  I don’t see Roman losing for a while, so I want to keep Drew away from him until there is a believable chance he could win the match.

Tony Khan has a habit of labelling certain matches or angles that happened in AEW as the "greatest ever."  He's obviously heavily biased, so from your point of view, do you think there's a certain match, angle or promo that has happened in the brief history of AEW so far that legitimately belongs in the "greatest ever" conversation?

Yes, Tony sure does.  He is definitely one for hyperbole.  Me?  I am not someone to do best of lists.  They are so subjective.

Dave you recently have stated your stance on Sasha being in one of the main events because women are equal to men and there are 4 top titles. Both statements I agree with however shouldn't that spot go to the 2 title matches that have the bigger stories (Roman vs. Edge and Drew vs. Sheamus assuming those 2 stories play out as the title matches) if all things are equal? If not aren't we just putting Sasha out there for the sake of showing that everything is equal and setting them up to be criticized for being put in that spot over a more deserving feud especially when if it is Bianca it will likely be Face vs Face?

Well, I think the Sheamus turn was rushed and nonsensical when it was done, so to me that isn’t a top storyline.  I could see Sasha vs. Bianca as the present vs. the future and that would be pretty cool to me.  If WWE can get to the point where they actually have two hot storylines, sure they should headline.  But right now, I don’t see much of that going on.

I love MLW.  Is there a show on your paid area where you guys talk about Fusion?  If so I want to sign up and listen.

Mike Epsenhart and I talk about MLW every weekend on the FMB show.  We are big fans of what MLW is doing.

Also, what do you think of Alexander Hammerston and Jacob Fatu?  Do you see them as top level stars?

They are both fantastic in my opinion.  MLW is more old school, realistic pro wrestling and those two come across as legit tough guys.

You can send us questions for the Q and A at

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