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By Mike Johnson on 2021-02-11 10:00:00

At the Royal Rumble, Omos eliminated Rey Mysterio by throwing him into the barricade. It looked like Rey tried to catch himself a few times before falling to the ground. Do you know if that was the planned spot, because it looked like Rey was trying to hang on and possibly do a spot from the barricade or get back into the ring.

In asking about this, I was told the only person that went out a little earlier than originally planned was Bayley in the Women's match and Rey was eliminated as planned.

Would you have had any interaction between Dominik and Rey in the Rumble? Rey didn’t enter the match until well after his son had been eliminated — should they have done a quick father-son exchange, or should that be saved for down the line? Or never done?

I would have done the Demolition Ax vs. Demolition Smash thing if they were going to be in the match early on but I think at that point they came out, the moment would have been lost in the mix of all the chaos so I think WWE was wise not to do it.

The last few years, pictures have popped up of the women performing a run-through of the Royal Rumble match. Do the men do that as well? How much of the women’s matches are 100% scripted as compared to the men’s in WWE?

There's no difference in what the women do vs. the men in terms of preparation.  WWE has had run throughs of major PPV matches in the days before a Rumble or a Wrestlemania in hotel ballrooms and places of that nature, especially when it's a big multi-person bout with lots of moving parts.

In New Jack’s autobiography, he has a chapter dedicated to the Benoit tragedy. He speaks of how he didn’t like Benoit as a person before that happened, saying that Benoit and Dean Malenko were locker room bullies in ECW. Benoit’s legacy as a wrestler isn’t important at this point, but that’s the first I’ve heard anything negative about Malenko in that regard. Is that something you’ve heard about Malenko as well?

I don't recall ever hearing of Malenko bullying anyone in a locker room until the book but I can guarantee neither of them ever bullied New Jack!

On the WWE Network documentary section, they have all of the new content they create as well as the stuff they released in years past on DVD. So far, I’ve noticed four of those DVD sets not on the network — “Hard Knocks: The Chris Benoit Story,” “Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts: Pick Your Poison,” “McMahon,” and “The Self Destruction of the Ultimate Warrior.” Obviously, we know why Benoit isn’t included. Warrior is likely because of the lawsuit and trying to make up with his family. Do you know about the other two? I would assume f any McMahon DVD is gone because they talk about the proposed incest storyline that Stephanie turned down. Roberts talks about sexual abuse he went through as a child. Are those the reasons? And, do you know of any other docs that were made but are not on the network?

They are never ever going to exploit Benoit.  As far as the other ones not being included, I bet you are on the ball about the reasoning but I can't state 100% those are the reasons. I know there are some Bret Hart titles that were pulled because they feature Stampede content of Bret that the company doesn't have the rights to use but beyond that, I can't think of anything else that isn't currently available.

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