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By Kendall Jenkins on 2021-02-10 09:50:00

Email or electronic mail is a way of conversing through electronic devices between two or more people. Emails enjoy a wide use in businesses and various organizations by making it easy for people to communicate within an organization. Moreover, email reduces the cost of communication, keeps records of the time documents were dispatched and email also helps in the arrangement of schedules to produce maximum results. 

Over the years, lots of people have grown to rely heavily on emails for their day-to-day activities and as a result of this, it is important that all emails are effectively written to serve its desired purpose. Hence, email specialists at, an online writing agency that supplies top notch answers to any writing topic are providing you with more than 4 tips that you can employ to write an effective email. They include;

Pay much attention to the subject line

When writing an email, pay much attention to the subject line and include a text that is connected to the contents of the body of the email. The subject line must contain a caption that is similar to the title in letter writing and hence, describe your subject in a way that provides a huge clue to the reader about the content of the email.

Keep it simple

Every email must be very brief, concise and short and when writing an email, remove contents that do not provide useful information relating to the subject of the mail. Also, an email of a maximum of four paragraphs is enough so the reader does not miss out on the information as a result of its lengthiness.

Be formal

Emails are supposed to be written with the highest form of professionalism, hence no writer should include stuff like emojis or slangs when writing an email. This could get you into serious trouble if the reader is your superior at work or office.

Proofread for errors

Before forwarding an email to a reader, proofread the emails very well to remove errors and other mistakes that will make the mail out of sort. This is a very important tip you must not ignore because sending an error-strewn mail will present you as an unserious one, hence take all the extra time to read the mail very well before sending it out.

Be careful with the choices you make

As an employee, do not take an internal memo beyond the walls of an organization to avoid causing serious legal problems for yourself. Also, an email is not the best place to exchange words or accuse one falsely hence, be careful with the kind of mails you send to avoid getting into problems that are way beyond your control.

Stick to a single content in one email

An email is supposed to contain a single piece of information, therefore stick to a single content when writing your mail to avoid confusing the reader. For instance, making enquiries on sales structure in an email that has “application for leave” as subject will truly confuse the reader.

Be nice

Although we told you earlier to be very formal when writing an email, nevertheless when maintaining every degree of professionalism be nice in the tone you use. You can drop a little pleasantry for the reader when you begin writing to make him or her more relaxed when reading the mail.

Avoid annoying quotes

It is important to start an email in the best possible way and sometimes, quotes are great ways of doing this however, avoid troublesome quotes when writing an email. For instance, avoid sending a religious quote to the reader when you are not sure of the reader’s religion. The use of quotes is a great way to excite the reader but the bottom-line is be careful when doing this.

Do not use emails wrongly

Some people end up using emails in the wrong way simply because emails allow one to send messages with ease. However, when you need to hold a substantive conversation, make a phone call and continue emailing when you have less agenda to discuss.

Call-To-Action is very important

The Call-To-Action is the most important content in a business email and when writing one, ensure you highlight your Call-To-Action so that the reader will not face difficulty in locating it. The Call-To-Action can simply be a website, phone number, email or any other content that the reader can use to contact you. 

Conclusively, emails are seamless ways of sharing information and aside from the tips shared in this article, to write an effective email use bullet points to ID relevant information in the email. Also, use blank spaces in between paragraphs to make the mail readable because writing an effective email will help the reader capture your message with ease and the tips contained in this article, provided by specialists, an online writing agency will help you immensely.

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